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Starcraft 2: Zerg Aberration



Starcraft 2: Zerg Aberration
Modeled by Phill Gonzales & final textures by Ted Park!
Animated by Jay Hathaway

This creature is intended to be an extremely mutated human colonist affected by the Zerg infestation. Originally prototyped as a Baneling-Colonist which would charge into your defenses and explode, the combat role for this monster shifted a few times before it was finalized. The Baneling bubbles are still intact although no longer serving any purpose. The Aberration seems to live up to its namesake, since most people who witness it seem to ask “what the hell is that?”, and then turn off their computers.

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When I saw Hauler infected with Starcraft Ghost, I thought about this unit, were you based on it? since it seems that Hauler Boss does not seem that the model is finished.