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Another loose end WoW doodle getting cleaned up and deposited. This was a WoW model viewer screenshot sketched over for a more stylized render.

Illidan is such a cool classic character!
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:iconmadnimrod::iconsaysplz:Real men don't need their eyes.
:iconalduinplz::iconsaysplz:Nim...he's not a human...
:iconmadnimrod::iconsaysplz:.....Shut up, Al...
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Thanks Felipe!
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True, but he's no Baron Rivendare.
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Yeah, Rivendare is a hottest dude. You should draw him.
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I will draw him for you because you asked. I only take 1 request a year.
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Yeah, and not even for family, either *grumble-puss*
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I'll shut you up so hard!
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It would be sooo awesome, I might have a frame just right for him.
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/under pressure
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You are not prepared! -Illidan
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Cool guy! I like it =)
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yeah he is, man oh man Blizzard has such an amazing library of badass characters with great lore backing them up! Illidan has always been amungst my top 3 favorite
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He is also one of my top picks! So iconic!
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Illidan! So cool! One of my favorite characters and boss fights, definitely! My guild farmed him to pieces, but he was super stingy and never gave us even a single one of his glaives -_-

I always wanted to draw him... maybe I should tackle that over the summer ^_^
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Hah! Last year my guildmate wanted the main hand glaive, we farmed for about a month, so tiring!
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I can imagine! What server do you play on? I decided to reactivate my account after finals (Wednesday!) so I can finally play some MoP! I promise not to bug you ^_^ But I will challenge you to a duel when I hit 90!
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Hah! I'm on the Alliance side of Lightbringer, but I'm not partaking of Mists, so you may easily win that duel since i'm still only level 85.
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You made it sound like you play horde!
Well, someday when I get to 85 I will challenge you!
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I did play horde, but I switched over to Alliance to raid more often with some Blizzards. I miss the orc every day.
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