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HotS Zurvan

Starcraft 2: Zurvan
Modeled by Phill Gonzales, final texture pass by Ted Park!
Animated by Jay Hathaway and Chip Carle

Zurvan was the last thing I did on HotS and took over 3 months to complete (modeling+texturing+animation). His creation began with a rough sketch by Trevor Jacobs on a whiteboard which showed a really distinct head he had in mind for a mission mechanic. Mr.--Jack then did a multitude of concepts exploring what Zurvan's entire body looked like to match Trevor's head design. All of the concepts explored many different ideas which were cherry-picked to be used on the game model. Some more dynamic ideas had tentacles coming out of the back and underneath Zurvan instead of legs.

Since his scale in game is gigantic, Zurvan had many details that needed modeling and potential design ideas were up in the air for his role in HotS. We intended this model to be usable for multiple phases of an encounter. Only once Ted's texture was well underway did we come to understand his resemblance to H. J. Waternoose from Monsters Inc.

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shyho's avatar
hoyl poo i love that XD
Quelfabulous's avatar
Aaaah so cool! You guys are intending to put him in! :)
Boarguts's avatar
MAYBE! There are some very crazy ideas being kicked around. They're a while off if we decide to try them out!
Quelfabulous's avatar
I definitely think some sort of Primal Zerg should be part of HotS! Perfect set up for a warrior hero (which there are no warrior SC characters currently).This guy would be really fun. I can already imagine him being a go-to character choice for a good body blocker like Diablo and Stitches are. :D
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DimiDevos's avatar
that is so damn sexy.
Koldraxon's avatar
This thing needs an actual unit model, for he is several pieces from [our] search.
Boarguts's avatar
I agree. Unfortunately a true unit version of Zurvan never got created.
Koldraxon's avatar
...Only if someone could've made a more 'angular' ultralisk...
...Also that Protoss Dark prism colossus can become a Reaper-unit, which'll replace mothership if you choose 'Dark' ascension path, can be an idea?
MadNimrod's avatar
I see this guy, and two thoughts come to mind.

Two: I wanna see him dance.
Boarguts's avatar
Lol @ dancing Zurvan.
MadNimrod's avatar
It'd be a funny sight.
Typhyr's avatar
I loved these missions, gave a really interesting backstory about the zerg
amphirion's avatar
very cool...though from my first impression playing the game, i thought primal zerg looked very draconian as opposed to insectoid, especially zurvan and yagdra. im just curious as to how you guys arrived to the design we see now.
Boarguts's avatar
The designs were really focused on exploring how beastly the Zerg were before the Swarm reduced their physical appearance to essential fighting components. We kept exploring the idea of "what did the Zerg look like before they were a army of emaciated skeletons?".
amphirion's avatar
that does make sense. thanks for responding back!
FantaBanta's avatar
Question, as you mentioned, this was a concept, and then built upon by combining loads of ideas in the office. Do you think you could have created a monster as well thought out and designed without all the collaborated ideas from the team? :)
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I don't think I could have made Zurvan from scratch, the collaboration made a huge difference.
LOVED Zurvan and the other Primal Zerg, it's nice to finally see some real color differation (is that a word? hmm.) with a faction like this. This is inspiring! Lost my mind when we first see the Primal Zerg! ...nerdgasm.
Boarguts's avatar
Glad you liked it! Primals were a fun change!
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... RELEASE THE ZURVAN !!!! ... no kidding it gives me that clash of the titans vibe
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