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Somewhere still the Sakura by bo0xVn Somewhere still the Sakura by bo0xVn
Somewhere still the Sakura

If every deviant could contribute even 1 penny (that's $00.01) to help Japan there would be $160,000 dollars raised! You can go to this [link] and fave it, and spread the words to help the project run smoothly.

From #fella

"Help Support Japan. The country was hit by an 8.9 Magnitude Earthquake. #fella is working to help through art and funds! Here is what to do!

1. Make a piece of art (it can be anything you want)

2. Upload it to dA

3. In the artists comments leave a note that links back to this news article and suggests that others create a piece of art and/or help donate to groups such as the Red Cross to help those in need

4. Then show us by commenting in the journal.

The Journal Can Be Found here: [link] or by clicking the title above.

Thank you for your support!
Or you can donate here:

Google Crisis Response [link]

American Redcross [link]
Stock planetka - : [link]
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HopeClouds Featured By Owner May 31, 2013
This is beautiful....I love your work ^^
tiny688 Featured By Owner May 29, 2013
Nice picture! Thanks
strdusts Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2012  Professional Interface Designer
I used this wallpaper to make my ID. I wanted to ask you before but I've forgot. So I hope you're ok :D
bo0xVn Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Don't worry about that, it's ok :D
AppGoddess Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2011
Hi! This epic WallPaper awesomeness will be featured on YouTube in the weekly WallPaper Wednesday segment on The AppGoddess Show:) Thanks so much for using your creative juice to bring beauty to the desktops of others!

You will be in WallPaper Wednesday #5

Click the link in my signature to bookmark or subscribe to my channel so you can see the show as soon as it's available.

bo0xVn Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks you :hug:
AppGoddess Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2011
You're welcome!

JPLedoux on here has accused me of breaking copyright laws by featuring his work in one of my shows. I have removed Apple WallPaper Show #4 and I wrote the deviantART help desk to ask if I am indeed breaking any copyright laws with my show.

Sorry for not asking permission before putting you in my show. I'm going to wait and see what deviantART says. I might have to take the other shows down too.
Karlha Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2011
So beautiful, i love it <3
bo0xVn Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wuestenbrand Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
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