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3rd pack: Beautiful Earth


"We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children."
Please save Mother Earth. Not for us, for our future, for our children.


Hi guys, 3rd pack now available :la:

Download from Mediafire: [link].
I really dont like the limited multi-file sharing method of mediafire, it's so awful. So please follow the instruction to rename and extract (total ~1GB) :XD:

:bulletblue: rename zip_3rd_pack_Beautiful_Earth file to
:bulletblue: rename 01_3rd_pack_Beautiful_Earth file to 3rd_pack_Beautiful_Earth.z01
:bulletblue: rename 02_3rd_pack_Beautiful_Earth file to 3rd_pack_Beautiful_Earth.z02
:bulletblue: rename 03_3rd_pack_Beautiful_Earth file to 3rd_pack_Beautiful_Earth.z03
:bulletblue: rename 04_3rd_pack_Beautiful_Earth file to 3rd_pack_Beautiful_Earth.z04



Gosh, i do not upload any file onto mediafire anymore. I really hate the limited quota's download for multi-part sharing. Please use this one (you guys dont need to rename file):

Download from (formely Megaupload)
:bulletblue: part 1: [link]
:bulletblue: part 2: [link]
:bulletblue: part 3: [link]
:bulletblue: part 4: [link]
:bulletblue: part 5: [link]

Extract file and...voilà, done! :D

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Where i can find 1st and 2nd pack?
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Sorry, i can't reply you soon :XD: Thanks you so much for downloading my works. You can download 2 previous pack here: 

Thanks you again :hug:
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Yeah, but i would have all of them. All from 1st and 2nd year. Some are missing and it taking to long to download them separately.
bo0xVn's avatar
Some of them are missing? Hmm, i think you just miss from pack 201 to 205 of year 1, i don't packed them :D
Herbis's avatar
No.8 is missing on year I on gallery :P
bo0xVn's avatar
I dont know why :XD: May you download it again on my gallery :D
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bro, do you even 7z?
How do I extract them? I can't do it in Windows or Linux and I'm not stupid or something
bo0xVn's avatar
This pack i compressed with zip format - default in Windows. I have one question: what host you download from? If mediafire, please follow the instruction in my description to rename file and Extract. If, you dont need to rename them. And you must extract, that's all :D Please reply here with you have any question, i'll follow you till you got my pack :XD: Thanks you so much.
big-bum's avatar
I've donwloaded them from mega. When I try to extract them with windows zip (windows 7), it tells me to insert disk.
I'm donwloading them again.
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Hmmm, i used winXP, it's still work fine. Please trying again, if doesn't work i'll re-up :(
big-bum's avatar
I've extracted all the packs. They are great and made me forget about the problems I've encountered.
bo0xVn's avatar
Good to hear that :D Thanks you :hug:
big-bum's avatar
I've managed to make it work, in Linux.

zip -FF --out && unzip

Basically i've merged the archives into a big one and unzipped it.
It should've be done automatically by windows zip, since you said it was made with it, but upon extracting it gave me "The same volume cannot be used as both the source and destination.", "Insert disk" and all sort of error messages that gave you no debug info.

2nd and 3rd pack are extracted now.
Downloading 1st pack.
bo0xVn's avatar
Thanks youuuu :D
PantherStar613's avatar
Starting the loooong downloads now! Been so bored with my backgrounds this year, will be nice to have lots of new choice! (Hoping they fit on my screen, I expect it'll be ok though!)

Thank you :D
bo0xVn's avatar
Woohooooo, i see :D I'm very, very glad :D
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These are lovely but I can't seem to extract them even after I renamed the files. Do I need a password?
bo0xVn's avatar
No, i don't put any password on it :XD: If these is something wrong, may you download from again? Sorry about that, i really hate mediafire right now :(
sweetwaterpink's avatar
I must be doing something wrong. How do you extract the files?
bo0xVn's avatar
Gosh, it's my mistake. It's not or , 3rd_pack_Beautiful_Earth0.z01, just take away number "0" before "Earth", aww :XD: Like this: So sorry :XD:
sweetwaterpink's avatar
I'll try downloading the Mega files.
i-Asif's avatar
wow! amazing pack.......
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