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February 11, 2010
~bo-dion's NAUTILUS is one of the more creative Incendia fractals I have seen. It looks like coral, like it could have grown naturally over the years... or maybe it is some odd fractal sea urchin species. In any case, I love how the artist included one geometric structure (a man-made deep sea probe inspecting this odd underwater world, if you will) to visually contrast with all the organic parts of the image.
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GeaAusten's avatar
oh I like this !!
Alena1950's avatar
marijeberting's avatar
Wow, you really deserve  DD Applaud fella (Reactions) 
mhoonruk's avatar
Nice, very good :) Life in an alien ocean :)
LMarkoya's avatar
A scene Ernst Haeckel would be proud of, great image
IAmThatStrange's avatar
I can sense the water!  Wonderful!
KittyCatPerson1's avatar
heavymetalteacup's avatar
Very nice, and well-deserved. Congrats! :)
wanderlust676's avatar
Is this a still from James Cameron's dive in the Mariana Trench a couple of weeks ago?
bo-dion's avatar
I think it's not from this earth...
nahojis's avatar
Wow! This made in Incendia? How is that possible?
beckoing-sun's avatar
all i get out of this is..... WOW!!!
EatenRibs's avatar
i ant explain how incredible this is...
Margot1942's avatar
It seems to be an underwater adventure. Superb!
GreekFellows's avatar
beautiful! groovy! sensational!
the mechanical body is fitting the background nicely.
fengda2870's avatar
bo-dion's avatar
junkdogAP's avatar
Stunning! Love the little machine too :)
bo-dion's avatar
Thanks - good "old days", the time I messed with Incendia - first 3d fractal program I started
out with. Was really pinned to the screen for endless hours every day...
junkdogAP's avatar
Hehe, I can relate - had a similar experience when I first discovered mandelbulber.
bex66ss's avatar
Really nice..
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