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Daddy Issues by bnt800 Daddy Issues :iconbnt800:bnt800 4 35
Love and War: Chapter 19
Deryn ran down the crowded hall, stumbling over passersby and beasties, not bothering to apologize. Her mind was too scattered for that. Bovril hung on to her neck for dear life until Deryn finally came to the door, Alek's door. She turned the knob and let herself in and to her dismay, the room was empty. Alek's things were gone, and more importantly, he was gone. That ninny of a prince. Deryn didn't even get a chance to say goodbye.
"He left us, Beastie." Deryn said softly. She wondered where they were by now. Perhaps it wasn't too late to slip a word to the captain. Deryn shook her head in disbelief as she forced back the tears threatening to sting her eyes. She couldn't do that. That would be selfish. Of course, Alek wasn't being remarkably generous at the moment either.
Deryn quickly turned to her right and saw the ninny prince in question smiling wide. Every muscle in her body urged her to throw her arms around Alek and press her lips against his in public. She smiled bac
:iconbnt800:bnt800 0 7
Love and War: Chapter 18
"I'm really sorry," Alek apologized for the hundredth time. The morning was well on its way, but Alek had no idea what time it was. Count Volger was hidden behind his desk and a newspaper. "I heard women like flowers," he said. "You should get her flowers."
"Alek," Volger put down his newspaper indignantly. "Dr. Barlow and I have decided that a relationship would be inconvenient at this time."
"Oh," Alek frowned. "Is it because of us?"
Volger shook his head, "Not this time. We sort of knew it would end this way."
"I'm sorry."
"I know you are."
"So…wait, does this mean you are never going to see her again?" Volger didn't respond, "That hardly seems fair," Alek said, "you're in love with her."
"Must you say it so loudly?" Volger said softly. Alek felt as though he said it using a moderate tone of voice. "You know it isn't that simple, Aleksander."
The prince released a melancholy sigh, and Volger went back to reading his newspaper that Dr. Barlow undoubtedly smuggled for
:iconbnt800:bnt800 3 17
Love and War: Chapter 17
The middy's mess hall was living up to its name. It was a bloody wreck Deryn thought as she moved through the dining hall. Bovril was half asleep on her shoulder. The beastie had run off during the ruckus and got caught up in the midst of this madness. Deryn had recently found it in a cupboard, hiding. It seemed okay despite the rough night.
And now she was in a hopeless search for the lady boffin who seemed to have disappeared. Alek hadn't seen her, Newkirk hadn't seen her, she literally vanished. She heard a commotion in the hall and halted.
"Eww," she heard Alek's voice in the hallway. Deryn peaked around the double doors that separated the mess and the corridor and found a strained and squeamish prince carrying a large sack.
"What are you doing?"
"Deryn!" Alek exclaimed, "Just the person I was looking for. I'm trying to get rid of this beef jerky. Isn't there a disposal in here or something?"
"Barking odd, isn't it beastie?" Deryn whispered to Bovril, and the creature let out a dro
:iconbnt800:bnt800 3 3
Love and War: Chapter 16
Volger awoke to an agonizing pain in his side. His eyes opened slowly, and his view was filled with that of an extravagant, and oddly familiar, room. With some effort, he sat up on what turned out to be a couch and saw the source of his discomfort. The previous night's events rushed back to his head. His shirt was caked in blood, disheveled, and ripped open, revealing a thick layer of gauze wrapped around his torso. What had happened was as clear as day now: Dr. Barlow, the gunshots, the pain, the blood, blacking out. But the horrifying part was what he had said to the lady boffin just before he went unconscious.
He'd have to take it back of course, once his strength returned, knowing her; this would turn into an argument. When the words came out, he was on the verge of death, and was quite content with the thought of bleeding to death once the words escaped. Living was an unexpected setback. The last thing he wanted was for her to think that he was fawning over her, while she hadn't a
:iconbnt800:bnt800 3 5
Love and War: Chapter 15
Nora scribbled down a slew of notes before turning back to her loris for further observation. She enjoyed her research, and there were times such as now where her work offered a welcomed diversion. It was better than having to deal with her turbulent love life.
Sodding counts! Of all the outcomes that could have resulted from their secret romance this was the last one she would have expected. And regardless of which way she analyzed the situation, it was difficult to pinpoint what had gone wrong. Everything fell apart so suddenly. Perhaps she had been taken advantage of. It was hard to accept that option; and yet, that seemed like the only logical answer to the circumstances and the more she thought about it the angrier she became. She had been a fool, and that was something Nora Barlow was not use to.
So she buried her mind and body behind piles of books and research hoping to rid her head of the terrible events that recently took place. It still wasn't clear if her
:iconbnt800:bnt800 3 10
The Aristocrat by bnt800 The Aristocrat :iconbnt800:bnt800 5 7 Deryn Smiles by bnt800 Deryn Smiles :iconbnt800:bnt800 0 10
Love and War: Chapter 14
Doing the right thing was supposed to make you feel good, and yet Alek felt the complete opposite. He took his conflicted feelings back to his room, and collapsed on his bed soon after entering the warzone that now occupied his stateroom.
"What happened to your room?" Deryn asked from behind him as she surveyed their wild surroundings. The fabricated wooden door shut with a loud and resolute click, and Alek sat bolt upright. He didn't even see Deryn come in which was strange because lately he had been noticing even the tiniest things she did.
"Nothing," Alek said, he was too consumed with his thoughts to care about the mess at the moment.
Alek closed his eyes and felt the weight shift on his bed before Deryn said, "Doesn't look like nothing." Alek opened his eyes and saw the girl sitting next to him a mere inch away. Rather uneasily, Alek realized that he didn't quite trust himself to be alone with her. He was alone in his room with a girl he happened to like very muc
:iconbnt800:bnt800 3 18
Love and War: Chapter 13
Alek was sick. He was sure of it.
What else would explain his fixation on Deryn? No matter what he did to try to control it, his every moment was now consumed with thoughts of her. And when he wasn't busy thinking about her, he wanted to be with Deryn. When he went to sleep, he dreamed about her, only to wake up wanting to dream some more. The slightest reference to her would fill his heart with happiness.
God's wounds, even her quirks filled him with happiness! The way she drinks like a sailor and swears like a whore. Things that he would normally find so vulgar were quite charming coming from Deryn. Alek was pretty sure that was weird; it was unlikely that anyone else would share his sentiments. This ailment was particularly serious indeed.
"Deryn," Bovril said from Alek's shoulder. At least the loris seemed to be feeling well.
"Perhaps we should keep calling her Dylan," Alek told him gently.
"Dylan," Bovril said thoughtfully. "Mr. Sharp."
"I think Dylan would be be
:iconbnt800:bnt800 3 11
Love and War: Chapter 12
Deryn felt sore when she awoke. Her eyelids slowly parted from each other, and she slowly adjusted to her new surroundings. Death was a strange thing, quite dark, in fact. The sun had disappeared. It took her a moment to realize that she was under a large shady rock surrounded by desert brush. Her eyes darted back and forth, until they finally rested on Dr. Barlow. Maybe she wasn't dead. "You gave us quite the scare," the woman said disapprovingly.
Tazza came over and gave Deryn a wet kiss across the face causing the middy to smile. "You were worried, ma'am?"
"Certainly, you can't continue to assist me if you are dead."
Deryn rubbed her head and breathed deeply. Her sense of time was long gone. "How long was I out?"
"Just a few hours."
"'Just' a few hours?" Deryn said sitting up. She blushed and closed her shirt, remembering that she was practically naked and that Alek had seen her without her careful tailoring.
"Oh yes," Dr. Barlow smiled, "you may want to get dressed. And th
:iconbnt800:bnt800 3 5
Love and War: Chapter 11
Obviously, neither Dr. Barlow nor Dr. Gartner had ever seen a cactus before. Well, Deryn hadn't exactly seen a cactus before herself, not in person anyway. They didn't exactly grow in Britain, but that was beside the point. Deryn sat on a rock a few feet away from them, watching the two boffins stare intently at the dried plant, taking notes, and in deep conversation. They had been there for the past two hours, leaving Deryn utterly out of the loop. She wasn't used to being a third wheel, and frankly, she didn't like it.
This of course meant that Deryn was left to watch their equipment and look after the beasties while roasting like a stuffed turkey on Christmas Day. And the bandages holding her chest down certainly didn't help cool her off.
A blinding white sun was set high in the sky, taunting her, glowing angrily, and there wasn't a cloud in sight to block out the sun's burning vibrant waves. It was a far cry from Glasgow.
Bovril was perched on Deryn's shoulder, looking miserable in
:iconbnt800:bnt800 2 4
Love and War: Chapter 10
Volger, we need to talk," Alek said vehemently as he entered the stateroom of his fencing master with Bovril in tow.
Volger leaned back on the front of his desk visibly agitated, and not wanting to be bothered by adolescent princes and perspicacious fabrications. But Alek stayed regardless. "This is not a good time," Volger said, rubbing his forehead; he appeared quite tired.
"Do you want to explain to me what happened out there?" Alek asked seriously, even though he was well aware of the situation, and was quite pleased with the count's reaction to the Darwinists. Not bad for an encounter with Dylan and the fabricators that hadn't been planned.
"I wish I had handled that better."
"You were upset. Your reaction was perfectly reasonable," Alek stated plainly. "And I will tell you why. I do not like the way Dr. Barlow has been treating you." Alek came closer to the count, bridging the gap between them, "Let me give you a little advice about women."
Volger let out a small half-hearted lau
:iconbnt800:bnt800 2 23
Love and War: Chapter 9
Deryn Sharp was not a morning person. But, unfortunately, Dr. Gartner was.
"So only two survived?" Dr. Gartner questioned the lady boffin; he held up Dr. Barlow's loris to his face for further examination. The beastie stared at the boffin with its large, wise eyes and a sour expression on its face. "How are you feeling this morning?" Dr. Gartner asked the creature happily.
"Cranky," the loris replied, because even it knew that no daftie should be so exuberant this early. Dr. Gartner laughed and handed it back to Dr. Barlow.
"Where is the other one?" Dr. Gartner asked.
"I'm not sure, I'm afraid," Dr. Barlow said thoughtfully, as the loris climbed onto her shoulder.
"Bovril is with Alek," Deryn told them.
"Bovril?" Dr. Gartner repeated with an utterly confused look on his face. "I'm afraid you have lost me."
"Aye, that is the name of the other loris. It wasn't my idea though!" Deryn said. "It was the barking Clankers!"
"I see," Dr. Gartner nodded slowly.
Deryn sighed; it was way
:iconbnt800:bnt800 2 7
The Lady Boffin by bnt800 The Lady Boffin :iconbnt800:bnt800 5 8
Love and War: Chapter 8
"Was lunch with the boffins as bad as I imagined it?" Newkirk asked Deryn as they ascended the ratlines.
"It was terrible," Deryn responded, "they just sat around and talked." Newkirk rolled his eyes, and a broad smile crept across Deryn's face, "Aye, you would have hated it."
Newkirk stuck his tongue out at her. "Well, while you were having tea with hoity and toity, I had real work to do!"
"But you really wouldn't have liked it anyway."
"Why do you say that?"
Deryn stopped climbing, and hung on to the ropes, "Well…" she hesitated, "I probably shouldn't tell you."
"Well now you must tell me," Newkirk prodded her.
Deryn smiled slyly, "Have you noticed the way Dr. Gartner and Dr. Barlow treat each other?" Newkirk shook his head slowly. Of course, he hadn't. "Well, at the restaurant they seemed really affectionate."
"Newkirk, I think there is something going on between them. You know, like romantically."
Dr. Barlow might not have wanted an
:iconbnt800:bnt800 1 9


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