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Wedding STOCK

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 22, 2017, 8:40 AM
Just a quick update to let you all know I will be uploading some more stock photos in the next 24 hours, including:

~ Our Vintage Wedding Series

~ Reece Almighty

~ Tilli-CHILD

Hope you're enjoying my recent uploads.

Does anyone have any Decorative Border Stock Requests??

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Journal Entry: Sat Apr 15, 2017, 7:39 AM
2 0 1 6
:bulletwhite::bulletwhite: STOCK-2-ART

My Favourite STOCK-2-ART from 2016

Buds of May by lisamarimer Ain't-she-sweet -Happy BDay Bnspyrd by SueJO
Stardust Melody by lisamarimer Steampunk Girl Rosie by xeena-dragonkizz Liberty Poster (Detail) by Can-Cat
  Hamac Of Clouds by Fran-photo

Mature Content

Sitting-Pretty by SueJO

The-Boudoir by SueJO
Take A Moment to Breathe by LiMaInspirations Shades of Green by LiMaInspirations
Medusa by Renata-s-art betrayal by Andaelentari
Vintage Garden by LiMaInspirations Enchanted Whimsy by PatsyLB

Mature Content

Mystique - The Sideshow Queen by fantasio

Miss Peregrine And Her Children by hankep

:bulletpink: Vintage Replica Decorative Border Stock-2-ART :bulletpink:

Gentler-times by SueJO
Scents Of the Century by lisamarimer Mucha In the Pink by lisamarimer
Vintage Replica BorderArt 1a by Bnspyrd Vintage Replica BorderArt 2b by Bnspyrd

:bulletpink: MY FAVOURITE 2016 TILLI-CHILD STOCK-2-ART :bulletpink:

Jumper Childhood by jiajenn When will I be famos by lumpi69 My Cute Cat by adrianoampb
Little Dancer by Renata-s-art When the dream happens by genivaldosouza
Please stay with me by genivaldosouza
Libertad by NUBES112 Aperitif atop a Skyscraper by doclicio

Feeling inspired? Here are the Tilli-CHILD Stock photos:
Tilli-CHILDStock WindyRearPose Bnspyrd by Bnspyrd Tilli-CHILDStock WindyCartwheel Bnspyrd by Bnspyrd Tilli-CHILD-STOCK LilRider1 by Bnspyrd

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Be Inspired by Bnspyrd's Mega Features

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 13, 2016, 12:55 AM

:bulletpink: A.R.T :bulletpink:

Iscariot | The Red Son by Raiiiny Cloudy sunset by IhabosThe Messenger by Lunarlueur
Lundenilona by chervona Classic Pinup by Yneddt Sheperdess by Yneddt Eremin by blood-pleasures

Mature Content

Vintage by blackfoxgraybird
Parisien Journal by lisamarimer Rain by KanchanMahon
<da:thumb id="487700461"/>Augustyne-Shoe Design by Augustyne


:bulletwhite::bulletpink: MY STOCK & FAVOURITE STOCK  :bulletpink::bulletwhite:

DS 12x12 RegencyRose 1 by Bnspyrd DS Halloween Sheet 2 by Bnspyrd Vintage Replica BorderArt 3a by Bnspyrd
Bnspyrd AliceJoyce6 by Bnspyrd Tilli-CHILDStock WindyCartwheel Bnspyrd by Bnspyrd Bnspyrd AliceJoyce2 by Bnspyrd
Paper Stock 1 by laurengee roses and humming bird frame by collect-and-creat Vintage Lace by Qi-lin Cameo Rose by Qi-lin
<da:thumb id="495480318"/> Vintage Papers by AFineWar Table of Astronomy by Bnspyrd
Pre-Cut-Antique-Edison-1 by BnspyrdPre-Cut-Antique-Violin-1 by Bnspyrd Black Horse PNG by LG-Design
Bnspyrd Bdr Anthropology05 by Bnspyrd<da:thumb id="196755599"/>BG Vine Earthen Pk by Bnspyrd
[PNG PACK] Vintage Flowers by U-kari by U-kari Tilli-CHILD-STOCK PonyClub5 by Bnspyrd<da:thumb id="541760927"/>
Steampunk Curios College Sheet by Bnspyrd


:bulletpink::bulletwhite::bulletpink: STOCK-2-ART  :bulletpink::bulletwhite::bulletpink:
Vintage Garden by LiMaInspirations Medusa by Renata-s-art
Ram Head by anthonylicaristudioTimeless Melody by RMS-OLYMPIC
Scents Of the Century by lisamarimer Mucha In the Pink by lisamarimer


Keep Calm Stamp by Kezzi-Rose

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Winners of the Short Challenge #25 by Wesley-Souza

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 17, 2016, 4:34 AM
Winners of the Short Challenge #25 by Wesley-Souza


Short Challenge #25 - winners


Dark Princess_17 by hyuugahinata-stock  Tilli-CHILDStock WindyCartwheel Bnspyrd by Bnspyrd

A warrior's soul by Poglazovs

Jumper Childhood by jiajenn

The warrior and wolf by marcosnogueiracb

Please stay with me by genivaldosouza


Celebrating Spring by nrcArt

Congratulations and thank you to those artists who worked with one of my Tilli-CHILD Stock images.


Mature Content

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Bnspyrd's Titanic ART CONTEST

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 3, 2016, 5:15 AM
Calling all my deviant art watchers to join a little bit of art contest fun for my daughter's 10th Birthday.

Titanic by AndyRidae Titanic by D17rulez
Titanic by freak-out-there

My daughter's BIG 10th Birthday is coming up at the end of July, and her theme this year is a Titanic Tea Party, so I would like to invite my deviant art watchers to submit creative and child friendly art work/entries. Now there are some rules so please read below.

[You may enter as many times as you like.]

1. Your entry must use one of the following Tilli-CHILD Stock images as the main model:

<da:thumb id="484631614"/> Tilli-CHILDStock WindyRearPose Bnspyrd by Bnspyrd

<da:thumb id="495480302"/>
[In the photo with the two hats you only need to use one.]

<da:thumb id="324241204"/> <da:thumb id="324396306"/> <da:thumb id="324396569"/>

2. Your entry MUST use vintage photos from my stock gallery.…

I have collected a few Titanic themed stock photos from deviantart that you may find useful:…


and my daughter Tilli

There will be one winner for each of the following categories:

:bulletblack: Digital Art - drawing/painted
:bulletblack: Digital Art - mixed media
:bulletblack: Digital Art - photo-manipulation

 :bulletblack: Traditional Art - collage
:bulletblack: Traditional Art - drawing
:bulletblack: Traditional Art - mixed media
:bulletblack: Traditional Art - painting


A Journal Feature, an Exclusive Stock Pack & a Custom Decorative Border Design
Your art will also be featured on my Bnspyrd facebook page >

You may choose from the following Exclusive Stock Pack or individual Exclusive border image:

PREVIEW: MermaidPunk Pk by Bnspyrd
Bdr SteampunkBlingBrwn PNG by BnspyrdPREVIEW BdrSteampunkIndustrial PNG by Bnspyrd

If you are able to offer any prizes/features please let me know.




Contest starts June 3rd and ENDS July 26th 2016.

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STOCK-2-ART Features

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 28, 2016, 4:07 AM
My favourite 2016 STOCK-2-ART
Vintage Replica BorderArt 2a by Bnspyrd Vintage Replica BorderArt 1a by Bnspyrd
Spring-dream by SueJO
Enchanted Whimsy by PatsyLBHat Trick Christmas Entry by charcoalfeather
[cm] Old As Time by VeerDesignsBuds of May by lisamarimer
WHEN I WAS YOUNG by hepdarcan

Mature Content

Vintage Dancer 01 by Bnspyrd
Bailarina Exotica by OKA1974

Mature Content

Vintage Lady Sitting Nude 13 by Bnspyrd

Mature Content

Sitting-Pretty by SueJO

Vintage Lady 42 by Bnspyrd  Vintage Wonder Woman by Aliyah-Zoe
The-Boudoir by SueJO
VintageReplicaBdr 4a by BnspyrdThe Look of Love  by LindArtz

ValentinesDay2012 Rose png by Bnspyrd
GREETING-CARD- Happy Valentine's Day and Weekend by belements Happy Valentine's Day and Weekend by belements
My secret garden - Red Rose by umina67Blood Red Roses by NightWish208
Lady of the Shadow by SueJO <da:thumb id="594045083"/>
Hamac Of Clouds by Fran-photo
[cm] Old As Time by VeerDesignsPERSONAL :: Beast Among Beauties by asperette

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I'm still alive

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 25, 2015, 8:27 PM
Dear deviants, friends, watchers...

Well since my last journal entry on June 26th 2015, I have infact been to visit on dA from time to time to monitor messages, usually only once a month and mainly because I have had very limited internet. Now however I am on the NBN (an Australian internet thing to speed things up) and I have unlimited usage - Yay!

My baby boy has just celebrated his 1st Birthday and my daughter is now 9 year's old. I am hoping to make some new Tilli-Child STOCK photos over the coming months. And hopefully some male stock photos too if my husband is cool with it.

Just after our first anniversary we decided to close the boutique arts market in Sellicks Beach, South Australia; some of you who are based in SA might have heard of it - The Sellicks Beach frente al mar Market. However we have started a new one called The Meeting Place Market and is opening in Hove, South Australia in February 2016. The Meeting Place Market

I have been busy hand painting and hand embroidering my version of a dream catcher which I call Memory Catchers. You can have a peek at my Memory Catcherson my NSPYS facebook page..

  <da:thumb id="566334866"/>

 <da:thumb id="433565509"/><da:thumb id="433479880"/><da:thumb id="433565486"/> 
I have revised my FAQs and am tidying up old vintage photos as well as sorting through some no longer wanted stock photos in my dA gallery, but other than that, I hope you have been enjoying the recent Tilli-CHILD stock photos I have uploaded; as well as the decorative border art

Love seeing what you all create with my modern and vintage stocks.
Thinking for having a contest before the end of the year...


Hantise by Lapoulenoire The long walk by CindysArt  <da:thumb id="540254565"/>

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FEATURES: Bountiful Curves

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 10, 2014, 6:51 AM

Gave birth to master Henry Glyn, who is just over a week old.


I thought I should best update my journal, I am now into my 3rd trimester of my pregnancy, nearly 31 weeks, and feeling very fatigued, particularly as I also suffer with the crippling Endometriosis disease as well. I have been around on dA just not as frequently as I used to be, apologies for that.

[Below is a photo of me at approx 28 weeks pregnant, back in 2006.]

Thirty Weeks by shelabama
Pregnant by martejohannessen

Mature Content

pregnant memories by Fosterling

Mature Content

Self Portrait Pregnant II by amberskyfire

Fatherhood at 30 Weeks by Solus-Photography

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FEATURES: under the sea

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 3, 2014, 3:07 AM
Crayon Rainbow Fish by AssClownFishLittle Fish, Big Fish...swimming in the water! by kleinmeli Koi by princess-thai
Seahorse by OldSophieStarwhale by Lamorien
Quilling fish by UsoKei

Koi fish 2 by Landscapist Koi fish by Landscapist
Gold Fish by CrazyMilk
<da:thumb id="30182645"/>Sketchbook 09 Colored Fish by Jose-Garel-Alvoeiro

Blue whale by perodog Fish Mosaic by Kyla-NicholeIT'S A FISH by Tsubane

Browse more SeaLife favourites here >…

Mature Content

This content is intended for mature audiences.

or, enter your birth date.*



Please enter a valid date format (mm-dd-yyyy)
Please confirm you have reviewed DeviantArt's Terms of Service below.
* We do not retain your date-of-birth information.

STOCK-2-ART of 2013 1.

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 1, 2014, 11:54 PM
Firstly I would like to thank ALL who have been inspired to work with my resources this past year.
(As well as those who continue to since my time here on dA; some 6+ years.)
At the end of each year I do a feature on those who have worked with my stocks the most.

The Artists who used my stocks three to four times in 2013:

Sorrow by FurorArt Not to touch the Earth by FurorArt Saturn's Daughter by FurorArt

Dark Side Dream_07 by caddman Dark Side Dream_09 by caddmanLucid Dream_08 by caddman

The Artists who used my stocks more than four times in 2013:

Writing Is Also Art Free Forum Signature by Idontknowwhoyouknow
My Fair Lady by Idontknowwhoyouknow In Her Own Thoughts by Idontknowwhoyouknow Livia.... by Idontknowwhoyouknow That Girl... by Idontknowwhoyouknow

A couple in a garden by Linnea-Rose A lady gazing by Linnea-Rose My fair lady by Linnea-Rose Together forever by Linnea-Rose Edwardian lady with flowers boquet by Linnea-Rose

The artist who was inspired to use my Vintage stock photos the most was:


Age of innocence by RoryonaRainbow<da:thumb id="398223150"/>
Old memories by RoryonaRainbow Whisper by RoryonaRainbow In her eyes by RoryonaRainbow
<da:thumb id="376238789"/><da:thumb id="408609186"/><da:thumb id="385651230"/>

AND The artist who was inspired to use my resources (mainly my borders) the most was:


Mature Content

'Carve your name into my heart' by InkyRose
A Kiss Good-Bye by InkyRoseCommission: Cybelle's costume designs by InkyRose
Portrait commissions by InkyRoseCommission part 2: Boda's Wardrobe by InkyRose
Melody's wardrobe by InkyRose Commission part 1: William's wardrobe by InkyRose Hetta as Beauty by InkyRose

:star: My :+fav: pieces of Stock-2-ART for 2013 :star:

TTTSample by astrangeallure

vintage girl by BatmanBeatTheHell<da:thumb id="422963429"/> Lovers Revenge by Wesley-Souza

Save the Date by LorienInksong

Album Cover Art by Puuronen Lodan Monster Application by Comical1

Zeigfeld Girl by ArtofOkan

Requiro - The Lady by ThubakabraPencil portrait of Esther Ralston by LateStarter63vintage drawing by episkate

Steampunk Girl by marianoleonardi Mucha gold by magicsart

Owl Queen by TrollGirl<da:thumb id="419335037"/>

Hidden Jewel by Adipose620 CVS at the Steampunk Vapory Lounge by bellaknoti Coronaria by Anpyre

Diamond by goossie203 Thetimekeepersmemories by Anny-Libelle The Bride in White by JaclynDiAnn

As you can see I couldn't choose just one, let alone a few favs.

A much loved Rose..

Mon Dec 9, 2013, 1:38 AM
This is one of my rose stock images, that I originally uploaded in February 2012,
and has somehow managed to become very popular
even though dA now has much higher resolution stock photos.

ValentinesDay2012 Rose png by Bnspyrd
So this is my thank you to all of you who continue to work with this image.

The Angel in me by Mythiril
Dont let her go !!!! by rohit510 THE THRONE by NAKVISELE
<da:thumb id="384239341"/>Gray Skull by nitchwarmer
<da:thumb id="391612450"/> Bear Hands Fursuits by Atama--Muhonnin<da:thumb id="342503669"/>
Fiery Rosa by long-danzi Blood Rose by Miss-deviantE
<da:thumb id="408432802"/><da:thumb id="414357512"/>
<da:thumb id="416654208"/> f l u k e by tallouh Lady Antoinette by SeventhFairy
Seen2 by Ooogs<da:thumb id="411265357"/> The Little Things by roughie
Lost In Dreams by l-a-ll-o Changes by Nattly
TIME TO SAY GOODBYE by NAKVISELE Saleswoman responded by Saifuddin-Graphique

<da:thumb id="391924071"/><da:thumb id="409497778"/>
Best in me by l-a-ll-o
Little Red by BBstar7<da:thumb id="417337501"/>

I am sure there are loads more in my favourites,
but these are the ones that were listed beneath the rose deviation itself.


Tue Oct 8, 2013, 7:04 PM
Renounce by urielstempest

celtic dragon prelim by skulltrader72
<da:thumb id="25245750"/> Lost in a Spiral by TheBigBonsai

FEATURES: Yellow and Violet

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 15, 2013, 1:19 AM

The following feature is based on my collection of deviations that are a combination of Yellow and Violet (or various shades of purple) you can view it and :+fav: it here >…

Eyes of Eternity by Esveeka
girl by ekelrock Tiger Lily by lindelokse Commission: Lotus by Selenada
Betimes... by DiosaEMR The Owl Tales by Aeternum-designs
by the yellow water by thelunacy-fringe Golden mystery snail by snakehands
Purple Perspective by LysusGashtall Spellcaster by lucid-light emotional by thelunacy-fringe

Love Is All Maroon by P0RG Muted Rainbow by kaboomachu
purple by Patricia-b

STOCK:Sunrise on frosty river by needanewname:thumb328804277::thumb257174979:
Purple - Golden Sky Background by silver-eyes-blue Purple and Green Texture by GreenEyezz-stock

love so sweet. by Notebellum
Bid Time Return by Elflover21:thumb308736545: I am a Dreamer by Godiva500

Mature Content

Nude Study-04 by ArtofOkan
Gramophone by PatentRose Violet Flare by Sannalee01:thumb195532743:

For many more Yellow and Violet deviations please check out my collection here >…


FEATURES: Golden Age

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 17, 2013, 7:57 PM
Facebook l Gallery l dA Portfolio l Watch Me l Note Me


Mature Content

White Devil by VonZzyzx

Album Cover Art by Puuronen:thumb364347260:
Driven mad by your own inner vulture by robnote Post Card Memory by TheFantaSim Alone... by lichtschrijver
Joyeux Anniversaire Maman by Gislaadt Mucha gold by magicsart Adeline by plangkye
szamanka... by iwetka:thumb376238789: Hidden Jewel by Adipose620
La salle des voyages by cflonflon


Na Pali Sun Rays by narmansk8

Mature Content

Nude 1 by cbyn

Mature Content

Textures and Flesh 01 by neuroboy-art
Corgi Love Stock by chamberstock
Last Light forest stock by little-spacey The journey by dearmond1
Vintage Mermaid 2 by ThreeWillows BrBa by SilverWolf5636 Weasel Painting 2 by TurquoiseHexagonSun
music is played for love.. by candysamuels Papa Roach Ambigram by DarkoJuan
Furrier by absumaniac ACEO for michaela9 by kailavmp

Mature Content

Champagne Venus by floridajeff

Birth of a Novel by MissAmandaLee Be my valentine by magicsart


Mature Content

apple lover crappy stock 2 by Lina-Tsu

Mature Content

apple lover crappy stock 1 by Lina-Tsu

CSS made by TwiggyTeeluck
Texture by Princess-of-Shadows
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Life update and Recent Favs

Journal Entry: Fri May 24, 2013, 9:55 PM

Hello to all my watchers, it's been a little while,

I have been busy (since Feb' 2013) studying and training a CET III in Aged Care, and was just about finished when I suffered a manual handling injury in my knee ligaments and to make matters worse I now have Rheumatoid arthritis  throughout my body. My doctor told me today that I have a very sensitive body, I couldn't agree more.

I am very disappointed by this hurdle as I have been forced to withdraw from the (three week) work placement, but will be allowed to carry over several modules into further study when I do a CET IV in Health & Leisure; enabling me to work in Diversional Therapies. Albeit minus the Certificate.

So, in the mean time (whilst I recover and find suitable pain management I shall be volunteering my expertise to my local OSHC (Outside School Hours Care) and becoming more active on dA. The latter of which I have been trying to do, but I have been so busy with real life and my monthly market stalls.

:thumb363648158: Last Light forest stock by little-spacey:thumb371937715:
Kassy, inspired by Royo by gestiefeltekatze Fire Sky by FroglovinPhotogirl
Snow White (Comission) by Nikulina-Helena A Little Hope by kleanthis Going Home by fineartbyandrewdavid
:thumb195734046: Rhea (saving the sixth son) by AiniTolonen Tea Hat by RockMe2sleep High place by APetruk

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Journal Entry: Sat Mar 9, 2013, 4:32 AM
Here are some new STOCK-2-ART favourites from 2013

If I Had A Flower by MidknightStarr Post Card Memory by TheFantaSim
Commission: Cybelle's costume designs by InkyRose
Il Giudizio by Gelso Odd couple by CornandBrokenDreams
Lovers Revenge by Wesley-Souza That Girl... by Idontknowwhoyouknow
Memories by Sakura060277 Carousel In The Sky by pareeerica
Young Artificier by Shinodari:thumb348322250: Mucha gold by magicsart
Mother's Love.... by tasa78 Edwardian lady with flowers boquet by Linnea-Rose Bid Time Return by Elflover21

Mature Content

The Devil and the Girl by Promet-he-us

Growing Love by OhLizz My One and Only by xeena-dragonkizz BASTA by pmdart1408
:thumb355947962: Changes by Nattly Alice falling by panzer-Gulwen
Good Golly Miss Molly by DoMeBABY Masquerade by JinxMim Not to touch the Earth by FurorArt
Individuality by Imperf3ction Driven mad by your own inner vulture by robnote
Last Hope by Innfhinithydesigns
Lucid Dream_08 by caddman:thumb350642174:
Dominique, nique, nique by angellical Linalool Age of Revolution by michel-jr

Age of innocence by RoryonaRainbow
In her eyes by RoryonaRainbow Whisper by RoryonaRainbow Old memories by RoryonaRainbow

- -



Staring into your soul by RoryonaRainbow MANDALA DESIGN 158 by Philluppus End Of by IvanAndreevich
Ignite by IvanAndreevich Three Muses by RoryonaRainbow:thumb342145630:
Golden gates of Hell by Chromattix - Merida - by Losenko Edge Of Exhilaration by ART-BY-DOC
Last Light by Leucareth Through the Night by jezviking:thumb350629113:

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Wed Dec 26, 2012, 5:45 PM
:new: A Few Blue :new:

Abyss by luka-basyrov-art He Called Himself Seemore by PaperSpiders Nereid by nadja-mariina
Freezing Cold by Nelleke

Mature Content

Two nudes 3 by Harnois75

Mature Content

Life drawing cool nudes by Harnois75

fuglarnir by BEINTAbeinta A R I A 5 by robinpika:thumb337787278:
misty forest by Harnois75 SuEnO CoNsPiRaDoR by deadlybuterfly

Mature Content

Nude seated by Harnois75

Testing the Upkeep by Harnois75


IslandGirl-pencil by DamnedArtist01:thumb345406158: Sacred Bones by sajopsychefreak
Fran! by FranVisualArt Barn Owl by maysonmonroe Cambo House by Lhox


Dear Watchers, I have just handed out the last few prizes from the Halloween contest(s) held recently'ish, and given out a few random subs and points as well, some anonymously. As well as a few special gifts for the deviants who have worked with my stocks the most over 2012.

Please make any suggestions below, that you might like to see of Tilli (my daughter) in the Tilli-Child stock series? I have the summer school holidays to work on them, so am open to your thoughts.

Thank you so very much for a fantastic year of art and friendship,
I look forward to seeing more in the new year.


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Wed Dec 19, 2012, 3:09 AM
THE deviant(s) who have worked with my stock the most for 2012
YES I realise 2012 is not over, but these numbers are easily adjustable.

The Winner is ShinyHeels with a total of 18 deviations using my resources.

Closely followed by InkyRose with  17 devs using my resources.

13 devs from LadyOfManyArtForms

7 devs from D3vilusion & Devi-J

6 devs from CherishedMemories

Thank you so much for being inspired :clap:



ValentinesDay2012 Rose png by Bnspyrd
Originally submitted 7th February 2012.

Most favourited stock image of ALL time is
Bdr Steampunk Copper by Bnspyrd

Most commented stock image of ALL time is
BrdrSteampunk 4 by Bnspyrd

To see all of the art from this year, using my stock,
please follow this link…

Coming soon is a public poll on the most loved STOCK-2-ART piece for the year.

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