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A Monster Hunter's Best Friend

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Nothing like capping off a day of policing the supernatural by curling up in the bedroom with a good book. And a smart phone.
As an Inquisitor, Jessie Lockhart is required to be knowledgeable of the world of the dark and the unknown. Jessie takes this more seriously than others in his profession as he has made set himself up with his own miniature library in his bedroom filled with books on all the subjects he encounters in the field: The Occult, Cryptozoology, Magic, Religion, Superstition, Mythology, Demonology, and even fiction, just to name a few. Jessie loves his books and finds his nose buried in one for at least a couple hours a day to brush up on a long forgotten monster, discovering a new spell, reminding himself of certain events in vampire history, or even the mating habits of werewolves. Female werewolves. Like his new partner Aria. Yeah.

However, with the recent introduction of smart phones into the world, Jessie has found himself staring at the back lit screen a bit more and more these days. The convenience of having much of the same information in one device at the touch of his fingers is too good to ignore. It also helps to be connected to social sites and sites dedicated to the supernatural to pick up on any leads as well as keep classified information from spreading online. However, he's also quickly discovered that it's not the most accurate means of getting info and sightings as a large portion of the information he retrieves through his phone is either rumors, bias opinions, or just flat out lies. This makes him a bit happy because he has come to loves his books too much to just leave them on the shelves to collect dust.
It should also be noted that Jessie also has a large collection of novels solely for his own entertainment, including classics like Bat Stoker's "Dracula", Mary Shepherd's "Frankenstein", and even contemporary works like J.K. Grolwing's "Parry Hooter" series and Stephanie Vampire's "Dimlight" series.

Notice that some of the books have titles on them? Can you guess what each of the titles are? I know it is hard to read because of the lighting and resolution of the pic, but I absolutely love the lighting, so I can't complain. :)

This awesome work of art was drawn by :iconcaptainkato:, also known as Digital-Masema over at Fur Affinity:…
I wanted to do something that would look good in her style and I as going over outfits and prior designs of Jessie, his Inquisitors version really caught my attention and I decided I wanted to do something simple and appropriate to the character and sitting in his bedroom and reading up the supernatural seemed perfect. Given how connected we are now through are smart phones, it seemed like fun to have him using his phone to do some research instead of his books for once as well as catch up the latest supernatural gossip.
I imagined Jessie would be a bit gothy, so I wanted to put him in a goth-styled bedroom with the right lighting and design. The result is a dark, yet sexy room that :iconcaptainkato: captured perfectly!
And because it's Jessie, at the last minute before the lineart and color, I asked :iconcaptainkato: to include some rope and a ballgag in view to suggest that Jessie not only loves bondage in this story, but that he likely practices self-bondage in his spare time and possibly plays bondage games with his coworker Tasha and his boss Allison.
I love how this pic came out and I really suggest you get a commission from :iconcaptainkato:. Money well spent. ^_^

Jessie © Me ^_^

Art by :iconcaptainkato:
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© 2015 - 2020 BnGJessie
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What a delicious scene!
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I see a D&D Rulebook... A Holy something... And a cute fox.
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Those legs are so curvy in all the perfect ways possible 83
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What can I say, I'm a proud leg lover ;3
And such shapeful, curvy "girlfriend's lap pillows" are my favourites >3
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Is it just me or does anyone else get a sort of Darkest Dungeon vibe from this?
BnGJessie's avatar
Maybe. All the books, low lighting, gothic-styled decor...
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Firstly, lovely piece. I too really like this version of Jessie. :)

Secondly...what no Necronomicon? :p
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It occurred to me that could have been added after watching Ash vs. Evil Dead and it would have been fun to have it in there, but in terms of story that book would either be under lock and key in a special archive or in the hands of a villain. ;)
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Hmmm this is true, it's not exactly casual reading material...
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Yeeeeessss. ^_^
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In comparison with the previous works at the author skill a risovariya considerably increased.
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Jessie looks good in glasses.
BnGJessie's avatar
I think so too. :)
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how wonderful O///o I love it >///<
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Okay, the detail on this one, especially the background (yes I see that ballgag and ropes) really shines. This is a FANTASTIC version of ya.

- Polecat
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I kind of feel like the rope and ballgag are a reminder that BDSM will always be a part of anything I do with Jessie, but this image is a perfect example of how much more to him there is than just that. They're like that cameo of a popular character in the background, just to say, "Hey, I'm still here. Just taking a break." ;P
I keep thinking of this version of Jessie because it's one of the few, if not the only one, that is more than just a potential damsel in distress who just happens to be the main character. He's also very capable and intelligent and resourceful. I'm kind of proud of that. :)
I was expecting good work from Captain Kato, but this exceeded my expectations. You're absolutely right. It shines. Beautifully! It pops too, even for a pic with only so many colors and a low mood lighting. Yet, it really jumps out at you because of the lighting and how well the colors blend. It feels real. I guess I gave the right amount references and details. Captain Kato used all of them very well. And would you believe this was only $30? Granted it may have been a promotion, but I really feel like I got a great deal out of this. ^_^
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Well yes, one cannot deny their natural state. But admittedly I never imagined Jess was ONLY a damsel in distress. That would make her bland and one dimensional. I always figured Jess had skills, just we never really got to see them because they aren't generally part of the images that we're shown, because they have little to do with escapology. ;)
Still, being a bit nerdy and such seems right up your alley. Support for the guys out in the field, perhaps, someone with logistical and technical know-how, but not the physical abilities to put it to use in the field. This version shows that rather well, immersed in books and obviously doing her research, and taking the occasional moment to field incoming texts from friends about this or that or the other thing.
And only $30? You definitely got your money's worth here.

- Polecat
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Oh, totally. Kinda hard to show technical or physical prowess when you're hogtied tight with a big gag in your mouth and blindfold. It all comes down to flexibility and escapability then and whether or not you even want out. ;D
This is where Jessie takes from my example. I actually have decent strength for my size, but I definitely prefer to be a support role/class like a healer, caster, buffer, etc. I like to help others enhance their own abilities and keep them going. This version of Jessie and I differ on overall studying, research, and book smarts. He really excels in this version. Gotta keep several steps ahead of the baddies and be more prepared for the unknown. Lives are at stake here, man! ;)

Yeah, the price offered in her journal caught my attention, but her art style convinced me I had to do it. She had done a piece for me before. Not quite as good or elaborate, but I still liked it anyway. Aria of Your Sorrow by BnGJessie

If I offered to get you one at the same price as a birthday gift would you be okay with that?
Any excuse to see more Tasha, right? ;P
TCPolecat7's avatar
Well, look at how I portray Tasha, for example. She's in almost as much trouble as Jess is frequently, and with a similar skillset. But while you'd prefer a healer/support role, I prefer ranged DPS in MMOs and the like (sometimes, but I wouldn't use Tasha as a template for a character I designed to be melee). That said, even after the Military, I'm underwhelming in the strength department, especially when it comes to upper body strength. Lots of power in the legs tho, as I've walked everywhere my whole life.

Anyway, I digress. That said, tho, don't spend your money on me. I appreciate the offer, but it's not necessary.

- Polecat
BnGJessie's avatar
I had to walk around everywhere a lot myself. I was already in my 20's by the time I got a car. XD

Alrighty then. I'll have a nice big hug waiting for you on your birthday then. ;)
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wow!! @.@ this looks amazing
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