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Just a thought. An auto-crytical one.

The recent OF debacle wasn't simply about a problem of terms of use or banking rules, it denounced the hypocrisy of our society. PH's purge was too but, this is for other time.

Everybody knows MCard IS responsible for the "cancelling" of a wide variety of people inside content platforms and whole platforms as well, we also know banks see anything spicy or "different of acceptable" as wrong so they don't want to have any link to them.

But they have no problems issuing cards, holding money or making massive transactions in name of filed criminals, terrorists, corrupt politicians and even countries who officially execute non heterosexual people by default, treat women as less than objects, who even die on public executions with stones (sorry, I don't get the name of the ritual), have concentration camps and other horrible things that, man, I'll just stop mentioning.

In the end, maybe, just maybe, after this fiasco, society recognized 0.1% of its hypocrisy and now both banks and MCard are saying that "no" they are not asking for this mega cancelation and they will accept the OF transactions normally. We know they were the reason this happened, not that OF didn't want to become a mainstream non spicy platform, but nobody throws U$D4 billion in transactions (400 million profit) on a trash can 'cause porn: they were having problems already.

This way, I believe we content producers of spicy art can get have some hope they won't come after us at Patreon, Deviant art and other platforms, at least not anytime soon.

The movement was shaping to wipe us at some point, when PH had that problem with payment processors I was sure it could come sooner than expected, then, suddenly, the sky is a bit less dark and I can see the Sun in the horizon. Be sure that crypto platforms are working to "steal" some of the "billions" since the day they heard of it, I really hope crypto can become more mainstream (and less impossible to work with 'cause I lost 50% of my revenue when I had to use it to withdraw some earnings back in the day, 2019 was a nightmare).

Hey, nobody grow up without recognizing his faults. This is a good news, isn't it?

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I already don't trust crypto for being electrically inefficient.

It would require energy positive measures for me to want it to become more mainstream.

Otherwise, I'd prefer it did not exist.

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Legit concern, sadly, I compare crypto and its instability to fossil fuel energy: concerning last century history they brought massive development to society, but they sure billed the costs...

Considering it is something that saved me in the recent past and that it is forcing of development of digital finances, I believe it must exist for our own benefits (life the fossil fuels).

I believe their main features are under used on their current form (petroleum is finite and much more valuable to build long term materials and chemicals, burning it is a waste, as well for crypto and its energy and silicon consumption).

Summarizing, I don't believe fossil fuels or crypto are sustainable, but I'm happy that both energy efficiency had grown so much in their historic life, hopefully in a near future they can be substituted and applied as they are now only on restricted environments where they would be considered the best options.

Thanks for the note :D

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I'm agree. Thanks for sharing your opinion with us.

Here is my experience at my level and opinion about this kind of things :

Paypal annoyed me in april 2021. I had to disguise all my Gumroad (it took so much time to change everything..) and invent a story to make them think they made a mistake. During one month, my Gumroad was disfigured and I had to send comics by mails when someone accidentally bought a faked product. It was exhausting. At the end, they (finally) accepted to unlock my Paypal account and bring me back the money I earned legally (I'm a full time declared artist). They had taken me hostage for 1 month just in the name of "we don't want to have any link to this kind of products". Since that day, I prefer not to use Paypal anymore.

It was a huge source of stress, because I have no other way to earn money than through my art. I know we produce some spicy content, but these are works of fiction. We can compare this to horror movies where people are killed, raped and/or tortured. It seems to be okay in movies, so what ?

I think I'm a person with a big heart and very honest. My art is fiction. My life is true, and I respect everybody. Everything is subjective. Here is all the problem.

It's a bit different of what you're saying but I wanted to share it.

Thanks for bringing it up.

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Gumroad hard banned spicy content back in the day, they burnt it all, I was on the first wave, only recently they decided to "tolerate it", probably because in the long run they find out they lost a good chunk of their revenue just 'cause tiddies.

My unban was based on a mail, in hours I was unbanned, years later. Laughable...

I had my problems with PP, my original account is lost, I had to do overtime to pay the taxes of money that was locked there, long story short, I don't trust them at all.

Maybe in the future things will be simpler, even in Brazil there's a Central Bank digital transferring system that all banks have obligation to do, all you need is a valid key like a phone number and you can get or send money, place the key, the $ and confirm the info of the person getting it (partial info just to be sure if person, full info if company). Done, that easy. If you're having problems with taxes, well, probably they'll track you, but I'm no criminal, I pay 100% of my taxes. And those are a lot...

One day hopefully wire transfers will be as efficient as this system and we won't be hostages of MCard or PP anymore. Crypto can be this system. This is my wish.