Future grows closer.

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Future grows closer.

I won't lite to you, guys, I've been cheating.

While feeling better in these last weeks, the urge to create grew beyond myself in certain moments, meaning I've been brainstorming, writing, posing, fixing, checking and rendering random stuff out of nowhere despite of my weekly intense job schedule due to the pandemic.

So, despite of healing happening at a slower rate lately, creativity is bubbling over, what is a good news, I think.

Proof of that is that I could assemble some "stuff" I'm not only proud of but it also feels really right, like the final look to Harriet and "little" mother Rachel, whose I'm not sure if I'm going to keep her name, in outfits and proportions that describe better their selves.

So, now, what comes next, What do I see for the future?

The answer is not clear yet. This pandemic messed a bit things, showing some of my decisions the best at the same time it flaws some others possibilities, so, I'm fixing whatever is at hand while looking ahead for a solution of a couple of big things - some IRL big movements and rendering power, all of them requiring tons of thinking and money but everything lies under a dense cloud of uncertainty.

The draft is the following:

1st step - activating my Patreon while I conduct the unification of the universe of Dominas Valley and Cheap Tricks, fixing the timeline and preparing the story/models for future chapters or chapters remakes while sharing the results and talking with the community.

2nd step - Short stories to give life to some ideas.

3rd step - Full chapter of a story inside this universe, independent of timeline position.

4th step - Remaking an old chapter to fill correctly in the universe.

5th step - Brand new chapter returning to the timeline.

And before you ask me, no, I have no idea when a new chapter of Cheap Tricks or Domina's Valley are going to be released...

Thanks to the excess of work the ideas went blurry and then I suddenly ran out of script to tell tales, despite of having a draft timeline.

Don' take me wrong, even super excited to make the last 2 chapters and having it planned thinked, rethinked, posed and reposed it was a crazy effort to make it happen - a hardship I never had in the beginning - the well was dry already.

New seeds have been planted, the fountain is giving some water, it takes time to fill the well again.

Sure, now I'll police myself, making shorter chapters, focusing more in the fun, while letting the plot magic do its job and, depending on the response on Patreon I can even change the business model and even... who knows it?

The only thing is that, somehow, I've seeing myself a bit more romantic about the stories, I mean, I want to love and hate the characters, I want to capture the little signs... still growing, bigger girls, hehe.

So here they are, my last effort into bringing new characters to life.

Welcome to the dream, my golden girls.

Ah, yes, the render...

© 2020 - 2021 bmtbguy
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I want to give you some early criticism based on my feelings about your stories early on so you know about it before you continue your work. I feel like there are so many side-characters who we dont know gets too much attention that the main characters we love gets kinda lost in the shuffle and they dont get some much spotlight as they should. I still love everything you have created, I just wanted to share my thoughts and maybe you agree or not its up to you ofc, you choose how you want to tell your story and I will probably still buy it lol.^^

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I get it, sometimes it tastes better when it is simple.

But creating stories is weird, you begin with a couple of characters and you end with a legion of them, and then it's hard to keep the focus when you're developing the story :stupidme:

Despite of being playing with stories since I was a kid, keeping the focus is not easy, but it should be, after all this is just a fetish, lol...

IDK what future will bring because I have a ton of work for assembling the new seasons and, unfortunately or not, I will need to introduce a couple of new characters that need to be there - There's no new cycle without new characters...

BUT, with the unification of the universe I will be able to reuse known characters in all stories and maybe isolating them better so when their cores clash it could look simpler, creating like relatives, business partners and etc, something I've been weaving for months already, but I won't give spoilers here.

I won't promise but, with smaller chapters and more straight forward storytelling I may try a cycle that can focus in one character or other for longer, but this is not simple.

Thanks for the thoughts.

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Please keep in mind that your patrons will be expecting you to release quality content on a monthly basis. So as long as you're ready to make that sort of commitment, then I'm all for it & will fully support your decision~

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I get it, but tell me: is it interesting to patrons to know better the universe creation of a comic? Because takes tons of time on the creative part before a chapter can show up.

I mean, I did some test runs these weeks, made small but solid content additions to the stories, like the finalization of Harriet and Rachel's models, some base timeline and map studies, and this is what I'm going to have for a while: charts, renders of character clothes standardization, comparison of height tests, new scenes, talks about the universe integrating and a render of a beloved character here and there...

I won't produce proper stories for a while, even the shorts I have in mind to fill in the gaps are going to wait for these works to align.

The other option is keep the silence until I have a pilot or a short chapter...

Sure, non canon growth tests and fill in scenes that didn't appear in the chapters due to time limit like how Electra grew boobs and others with already fixed and assembled characters wouldn't mess with the workflow but, are those enough?

Problem is that even them would take some time before I can release something, I mean, I can't play a card I'm still drawing. Also, all new spicy stuff I have in store is plot secret that are still on development, so I can't show them yet.

Please, tell me what you think.

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Alright then. If that's the case, then I think you'll still do just fine with what you have in mind already, as long as the monthly fees aren't too hefty for your Patrons.

So here's something of a suggestion you can do for the Patron Tier categories:

Tier 1 = $1 per month: This is more of a "Thank you" from those who like to support your work. And you can also use this tier to grant early access on any images and renders you'll be posting later here on Deviantart.

Tier 2 = $5 per month: With what you have in mind already, as I for one am interested in your expansion of the DV and CT world. And just to steal an idea from another GTS creator Harafung, you can consider taking certain scenes and remaking the same renders, only this time it's from a different angle / character's POV.

Tier 3 = $10 per month: Extra bonus scenes + early access to newly released chapters of DV and CT or any other exclusive short stories as they first come out (then give it a few weeks / a month before you officially release the chapter for individual purchase).

So yeah, these are just my two cents. I hope this advice helps you out, BMTBGUY. Cheers~

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Thanks for the reference ^^

My idea was more about a $2 tier to stay in touch with the new material and some early Access (I can't post it all online because that generates too much material) and create new tiers for new stuff just later.

AlexGts also has a pretty solid way of using his patreon, its low monthly cost for ur everyday just checking in fans and he posts zip files of his free collections and of his patreon bonus3s for easier viewing

Are you going to sell your product even without subscring your patreon ?

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Paid comics I might keep selling normally, main free comics will debut earlier on Patreon and later at GTSartists.

I might make some exclusive mini-stories and renders plus coupons or give for free comics to patrons, it's all a test I'm going to do.

I love the idea of getting mini stories from u. Even if they arnt Canon, kinda like expanded versions of ur Instagram posts
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Wait you don't rest enough?... Why it doesn't surprise me? :P

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U know me, I want to live the dream...

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I know a Patreon may not be the best of news for some of your followers, but I would be more than happy to continue supporting you. You always have more than our money's worth in terms of GTS goodness. My only concern is you possibly burning yourself out again before the well is full again.

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Yes, I get it, but I'm going to try it, if it works it works.

I wish I could just do stuff for free but... it's impossible :(

Don't worry, I'll start it slow, after all, planning generates tons of random content ;P

Excited for ur patreon, i feel the value of ur paid works is high (great content for a more than great or fair price) and i know ull have plenty to make it worth my subscription.

It sounds like you have a great mix of content in terms of main storirs/side stories/ possibly new stories in mind so im definitely excited for that.

Ill definitely subscribe but i recommend still making sure ur fans who just want the main chapters always have a way to at least purchase that. I find it strange that some patreons have content locked behind them that arnt accessible a la cart.
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This is a bit complicated, the basic idea is to allow people to see what is in the works, and tests, later, when I get close to releasing stuff I'll see what I will do, I'll surely release some of the content and the main cheap tricks for free.

U could always release progress for free but do like one of the side stories and some other extras as the patreon benefit, maybe even a bit early release of a ch idk
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Sounds good ^^

Extra growth possibilities :evillaugh:

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That sounds like a lot of work for a one person. GOOD LUCK :)

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I wasn't exactly sure what you'd meant by "cheating" early in the journal.

I'd just picked up Catherine Full Body on Switch.

It'll be great to see your updates and eventual return.

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It was about me cheating my own vacation, lol

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