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Hey, guys, how are you all doing?

So, by my side, I'm working tons, like most of home office professionals in these pandemic times, still fighting against old problems but, still managed to improve physical health a little extra bit while I struggle with mind issues due to the workload, so, yes, I'm tired but working on it like a lot of people is also doing - despite of being fortunate of keeping my day job I've heard dozens of cases of people like me giving up or struggling to keep it, 'cause, you know, complicated times.

Okay, now the good things: after months of heavy editing, research and building I've come to a point where I begin to do real tests on content that is more mature and doesn't need to be kept secret, meaning I might do some plays here and there more frequently, so, here we go for the subjects:

BIG Plot:

I've been maturing multiple ideas and approach ways on the unified universe, for that, as I said before, multiple characters and stories were created and adjusted, but since this is all too big I might finish it and bring these blocks as they mature themselves, meaning that sometimes big pauses will be needed.

The stories happen in a parallel world with its own continental division, this gives me freedom to relate it with reality and break it without much compromise, and now that they are connected, I need to care in a single big plot where I can layer and mix the smaller ones, so they can grow with more space to play.

Smaller Chapters, and shorts:

So, this is a thing that was good and bad: the size of the chapters. I absolutely loved to bring monstrous chapters with tons of growth and plot, but that was tiring, time consuming and avoided me to bring cool stuff because of the planning, so, now I will do stuff and from time to time release chapters and shorts that may become part of the chapters sooner or later.

The growth:

It will begin slowly. The girls are already pretty big and I need a lot of additional work on story and scenes, to not tell Gianness City needs to adapt itself to them as they grow... though at least Domina's Valley has a big part done due to the first months of work ^^.

Cheap Tricks:

Despite of being the oldest story, Cheap Tricks has the less developed plot and even could be kept in the fridge for a while, but it has the most complete scenes and is an easy space for integration of the universe, plus the fact it needs some retcon here and there, then, its next season will be a "Stories From" continuing from season 3 thing where I'm going to exercise the integration and have some big "flashbacks" and produce more "shorts" due to its "free" origin.

The base plot will be a bit shallow, I'll exercise points on the unification of the universe, some background and foundation building, and some rewriting over @hoped1988's scripts (the crazy dude that wrote a whole season 2.5 of cheap tricks :o so, nice points were made).

It will be also the one suffering most heavy in my organization as you can see in my test timeline:

The big map I have in my computer is a bit messy to look at, so, this text one is the simplified version...

So, yeah, next chapter will be called chapter 39 so we shall have a continuous timeline and I might remake season 1, where prologue will be chapter 1, with no plans for remaking season 2 or any chapter of season 3.

Again, this won't be a "WOW, VERY BIG PLOT, SO MUCH GROWTH" because the idea for the proper plot is not done yet, it has potential but it needs more foundation, and that's what season 4 will be: I will plant a dozen of seed that I want to see growing a lot in the future. I'm VERY interested into seeing them growing.

Domina's Valley:

The Valley of the Giantesses was the more mature plot, still, it is nothing like the original continuation: I turned the timeline into "that I want to show you real soon", killed some characters of the original continuation and "improved" others, so I hope I won't commit the same error I did on CT season 3.

I hope I'm "eiming" in the right spot now. So, did I just gave a spoiler?

The continuation will be right after that night, no spoilers, heavy links to Gianness City and Countryside City. It will be the time to mix some new flavors and rediscover the old ones as we discover that size itself is just part of being a giantess... and better I stop here before I reveal the final antagonist(s) being drawn in the background.

M.I.L.F (not official name):

The "MILF" draft story got its models done and might have its own scene pack and will help me to tell the background story of both Cheap Tricks and Domina's Valley, as it is also the city between those areas. It's hard to tell when any chapter will come out or when they will show up in both stories because of "SIZE" reasons, but I have an idea of how I want it to end before Becca goes to Gianness City to visit her old friend. So I need a good name to this... after all the other girls will interact with them that early in time. So this one is the less likely to have a chapter anytime soon.


The golden girls idea (dude, didn't know this was a serious sitcom name lol) and the Giantess Mafia thing (Paradise Hills) may or may not come into play sooner or later. I may reuse some characters (like I did with old man Calisto). I may make Darby an extra story later or just play her as the rival of Marina's company, and Jade, fuck her, she's been haunting me in my dreams, idk where to place her, lol.

The General Status of the Works:

Since the beginning of my break I was aware of the mountain of work ahead, so, to capitalize on my creativity and dodge boredom, I'm focusing my work on whatever needs to be done and ideas that attract my attention.

This means that beyond the content review that was imperative to be done straight, I've been going from story to story multiple times, "losing focus" sometimes because I reminded something interesting to do or fix or try, so, it is pretty impossible to tell when I will begin releasing stories n a regular basis yet: sometimes I stop to fix something that takes weeks, and with real life happening sometimes I'm just too tired to do this... If I don't relax a bit GTS doesn't happen, if you know what I mean...

At the same time, some characters will have their own fixes WHEN they get in scene, if needed. And you will see them with more common clothes - I did it with Stan, Edward and Destiny and I like that continuity thing, so I might use in some other characters as I improved the breast thing I created so they can move better and look better - despite of taking 5 time more to set up on a new cloth.

Anyway, I can assure you that tons have been done in multiple areas, from my partial render custom thing to the camera and light configs, photoshop workflow, all reviewed, reorganized and updated for a better workflow, like some studies on camera angles (and some other tricks), all to deliver a nicer experience optimizing my time and, maybe, releasing sooner.

Domina's Valley long therm plot is going great in my mind but the Script for chapter 26 was wiped out. I look at it and I don't like. Last weeks I did a "noice" test for it and after reading the script I rewrote the closing of the chapter on the top of it promising myself to rewrite the whole thing, there's also a big "?" in my mind for the future of a character I love to tease, I might have to do something, but I'm not sure.

What's in store for release:

For now I have very little done for you, a short teaser, another short, and a small chapter intended as chapter 1 of season 4, all under the Cheap Tricks name, one of them for the last week of the year, the other 2 I still need to review better for the storys sake, but my schedule is crap these last weeks of the year, so, I promise only the one I have the works more advanced.

As you can see, Vanessa is kinda too big to be ignored now, and will still be for a while, but don't worry, plot grows behind her back ;P

Final thoughts:

This was one of the most challenging years of our generation, life wise/worldwide speaking.

Somehow, all the hard work I did in the past paid, happily when my health was broken and then I needed a break, the pandemic came but my castle was strong around me.

I'm tired, but this was, in general, a good year to me.

I hope that 2021 may be better. This is what I believe. And this is my wish to all of you.

ETAs as soon I begin my break week, hope releasing it before Xmas.

See ya.

© 2020 - 2021 bmtbguy
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When will the next chapter of CT come out? I cant wait anymore😍😍

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It needs more work, no ETA yet.

When you think release Domina's Valley26?

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No ETA yet, since I'm working on what comes handier first and depending a lot on plot points that are still maturing, DV26 script has not been finished despite having a draft and some raw tests.

Thank you l can't wait

the time and effort you put into each page is worth the wait. To another year of development and grow! cheers

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yo get someone competing with Vanessa like marina or something

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This is the hardest point I have in mind now.

Problem is that I have a plot line I gave up, a plot line I think it is good, a linked to the past plot line and a "hey there friend" plot line, all of them need time to be resolved, decided or merged...

all I want for Christmas is a nice length love scene between Tony and Vanessa

bmtbguy's avatar

Let's see if what I have in store is enough, hehe

thanks Santa!!!

love how the new logo is 1/3 Vanessa

bmtbguy's avatar

For now at least ;P

who is your favorite character that u love to tease let me guess Jessica right 🙂🙂

bmtbguy's avatar

Hum... this is complicated.

Jessica has a spicy component that I love but, somehow Vanessa wins it due to her development.

It's hard to say I prefer one or other, but it's clear that the main inspirations use to have a special place in my heart for obvious reason, like Vanessa and Jessy.

But other characters gain a lot of space with time, like Jessica, Phoebe, Giselle, Jana, Vivian and Patricia, so, it is kinda impossible to tell exactly who would be the best one...

But if I could date someone, I would be more moderate, so, Phoebe and Jana would be the safest bet for me now, though the trouble combo Jessy, Jessica, Giselle, Natalie and Monique would easily get my attention. I consider Eden and Vanessa over the top, they would overwhelm me, while Veronica, Erika, Audrey, Miss Domina and Karina would break me cause they're somehow broken too.

Phone is so disrespected In the story she has to be the biggest girl . That’s my opinion

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oh yes, jessi is the new sexy vanessa

What part of Vanessa is Tony smothered under?

I figured it out. Those are some monstrous boobs.

I hope you're staying safe and I'm glad you're getting back at it. Cheap tricks was one my first gts stories so it's really awesome seeing it back. Personally I prefer it to DV but they're both good. You're right the city has to adjust to the girls new size. I love their new looks. Especially Audrey and Phoebe. Maybe we will see Jessica soon? Anyway I'm so excited for this great work!!
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I may fix Cheap Tricks with time, and now they're on the same universe both can get more interesting together. I hope...

Oh ya Jessica is a shout to see tbh . i prefer dv more try bcz the story line is just amazing cheap trick one has only one giantess and apparently she’s gonna completee growing more . dv has unexpected scenes u just get excited and went more and more

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