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We need more Jana + mini update

Sometimes we need something in our lives.

Sometimes we need more Jana.

These last weeks, I'm dealing with content revision, shopping props, fixing stuff and browsing my content to use on the many brainstormed ideas.

While I've been making my own testing, some of you guys asked important questions like heights of characters versus places, characters and... mountains?

And these questions enter right in front of other issues I'm taking care because they're part of old priorities, so, yes, haha, these last weeks I've been intensively rendering background assets to fit in better my projects, what is an old need due to the fact most of the big complex landscape assets I have work only on iRay while I make stories on 3Delight, so, this time I'm working on them and I promise to give a jump on the domes quality (that thing that surrounds the scene with sky, mountains, some vegetation, etc).

I'm still rendering, every day, but today it was different.

I spared some time to test one of the new scenes for a drafted part of the next chapter of Domina's Valley and use one of the characters with some improvements.

Yes, I said I shouldn't keep improving things that only a few would notice but... I think that's part of me, as long as it doesn't make me invest even more time on final rendering.

AND, as someone said, we needed more Jana.

I used her to show some of the care I'm having with te models like the slight gloss in her lips, fixed a skin tone disparity (legs), dressed her with a nice new bikini and time to go to the pool, this one with a tweaked water shader that still needs some work but doesn't need mesh to look like water.

All right, that's it, guys, talk to you again later, enjoy the view.
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There's nothing wrong with more Jana. <3 I won't be opposed to @bayern1234567's suggestion for more Giselle either when she's been my fav in that story along with Jessy, but my crush is Patricia though since that dream/what if sequence you did of her outgrowing her sister.

no srry bro but outgrowing Patricia would be bad. There is a lot of woman that deser to be outgrown. Mrs Domina for example is the heigh of jessy and Gisselle ass.

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She may be not the biggest, but she is the cutest with the best proportions for me ❤️. Also love her interactions with Eden and how she is always just about to touch her bust.

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Blame Eden for having those, lol.

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So, the next chapter will take place in a pool. Nice!

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There's a scene in the drafts, but the place has flashback context and is a possible candidate to recurring scene in the story.

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She looks splendidly. Not even visible giantess at all, makes her even more adorable. :heart:

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You do really quality work my guy and trust me its notice by us happy fans keep up the good work my duder!

Jana looks delicious

I see her ear ring is like her necklace, will that grant her double the power Really Makes You Think, The Fucked Up 3D Edition Maybe even triple the power if there's another on the other ear?

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Hehe, idk, at this point only the necklace has context.

Bro we want more Gisselle ur literally sleeping on her no renders no anything. We kind of miss her man 🥺🥺🥺

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As one of the most developed and revised characters of the series, Giselle has little to work on improvements or comparisons, also, I didn't get to the point of drafting her on scene yet, at least not on a spoiler free one.

There's 2 possibilities for her to show up sooner, but those depends on an immense scene that needs a lot of work to continue and decide on the timeline possibilities - I can't drop a scene out of nowhere, there's always some context.

Or when I finish one of the scenes drafted with her...

It is just jessy had a lot of renders lately and it is unfair for Gisselle to not have one

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Yes... but Jessy is the reference model for a part of the new plot I just developed, so I had to use her many times, no other model could be used.

Giselle's part of the plot is not clear yet, despite of a couple os scavenged plot points I need to rewrite her whole future yet, the ideas are bubbling here.

Don't worry, her time will come, I can't get pressured now that the plot is beginning to flow, anxiety blocks my creativity for real, I'm also at vacation yet. The sun shall shine over the dark skinned queen.

Oh baby. just promise me that no one will outfro her I rlly suffered the dust 15 seasons 😂😂😂

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