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The request has outgrown itself!


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This should be a simple week.

Patreon reopened (, a couple of render tests per day, a couple of final ones, organizing stuff to finish DV 28, I lost the cover and remade it twice and noted Patrons requests 'cause we won't have a comic release for them this month.

Fine, until that all ok. Some request tests prepared and paused, some feedback demanded, some thinking done, stuff happening IRL... then I created a panel I named "The Battle of the Boobs" featuring Giselle, Eden and a couple of Cheap Tricks gals in the background (sample will be posed later in the week).

I mentioned that having a measuring tape would be needed for a proper battle and I wouldn't be able to do so because the time demand (I don't rig anything in 2 years...) all normal for a concept project.

After this weekly bonus rendered, only 10 panels of work for the last scene of Domina's Valley done this week (what is a shame to me), then I was making some other POV for of the Bonus so I can post it this next week for Patrons...

It is when JDV tells me that RogueFMG has a working Measuring tape.

Long story short, from Friday until Saturday late night I've been obsessed with it, doing my best for making it work on my scenario.

The test on Giselle with the tape had to be in "witchery mode", so, the measurements there are 2 times 94cm, so, she has a 188cm bust, 74 inches.

I liked it so much that we talk and I tried to make a couple of tests on a different approach considering what we spoke and the feeling I got while working with it.

After analyzing the reference and testing multiples approaches (failing miserably multiple times, lol) on the 11th version (seen in the render, Eden measures sweet 145cm of bust) the prop worked decently. After more 4 full tries I gave up other approaches and refined the 11th version into a prop that is not exactly perfect but works, can be easily filled with other measurements and extended when needed. Version 15 has been sent to his Discord so people could test it.

Meaning that a simple pool comparison of boobs became the new sensation of the week for me, and I plan to create more versions of it so we can measure even our biggest giantesses.

So, it is not a dream anymore, it has come true, and I plan to make NOICE renders of it very soon.

See ya!
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Now I truly understand this guy from Godzilla more than ever. 😂