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Tales From Domina's Valley Chapter 10 Height Chart

Yah! New height chart :)

It is good to see them all together, despite the fact there are more 5 characters that are not there: Christine, Ana, Anry, Rob and Tom.

Wow, there are 25 characters in this story. That's a lot.

Also it is a way to understand how are the things now. 
It is funny how a couple of inches works like a foot in the story, but that's because of the high heels and the common scenarios I like to place the characters.

Now I think it is time to go ahead with scripts and other stuff for trying to deliver something before the end of this year, but I can't promise anything: it is going to be  a long couple of months. Let's see what I can do before 2014.

This is a king size picture, download it :)
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Nice height comparisons, be nice to see some 8' plus too ;) (Wink) 
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A wonderful reference. Thank you for all the hard work that went into this, and thank you for sharing it with us.
I hope Alice comes back from Europe as a vary big surprise. 8+ 
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Chapter 13 she will be back. Hasta La Vista, Baby Hasta La Vista, Baby Hasta La Vista, Baby 
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very good !
I hope to see that all females have grown and shortest is 8 ft :-)
thanks !
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You can hope them nearly that tall ;)
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what did you use for the backdrop?
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I used a height chart object 2 times. One rotated showing numbers and the other stretched.
Good Work.  I guess Veronica grew more than most in the last growth spurt? 

Also now that Jessy has simmered down a bit, and given the idea of healthy eating and working out contribute to growth, on top of Jessy's special growth attributes and the pendant.  Any chance of a Jessy Gym Workout\Growth montage to along with her normal Professor Tyson harassment?
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Yes, proportionally taller than the others excluding Miss Domina. 

The Gym picture was a test for a chapter that was not going to happen like that, it was a bonus render that I deleted for special reasons. It might be rebuilt for the chapter 17
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That's very helpful to read your awsome stories Bmtbguy !
I hope this latest picture  is an announcement for the rest of the Domina's Valley story !
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Thanks. I still have a lot of work before the next chapter, you guys will net to wait some more time...
i hope so much eden comes back and grows more! :D keep up the good work man! you're the best, and i mean that!
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I'm glad you found the time to create this, it's very helpful!
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Sure :) and i will use it a lot before making the real growth. The 8.5 GB of ram needed in this picture is the only problem. U_U
You can infinitely expand your ram using high speed flash drives though.
Hmm, with TWO growth spurts, I would have expected Monique to be a lot bigger than she is.
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It is hard to the readers keep track of the growth sometimes, now with these charts it is going to be easier.
Thanks for this, bmtbguy, you rock!
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