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September 2021 talk and schedule.



Hey there.
I hope you all are safe on these crazy days. It is time for schedule and some talk.

If not, let sweet Wendy from the image above watch over your mood :D

This last month was VERY active, to not tell troubling: my life almost turned upside-down, I decided to bet and face the consequences, luckily it turned out into my favor and I have assured even more security.

The working pace increased drastically and I was able to make a 138 pages comic (yes I'm counting covers and legal :P) plus 8 bonus renders, plus 1070 frames of animation, plus the 100+ test and bonus renders uploaded for Patrons (they got also additional 25 page GD3 preview this month) and whatever else I'm lost already.

Sure, GD3 is exporting again and rendering the final videos for my review (found inaccuracies while making the height chart and had to change text) but wow, I have ZERO idea how I was able to do all this and end the month with everything nearly finished.

It wasn't for nothing last night migraine almost rendered me blind, luckily my cases aren't pain intensive despite of all the other symptoms like dizziness and etc being very strong, this is the furthest I've come on a month with so much work, wow, just wow.

I'm pretty happy with the overall result, despite the fact I wish I could do more for the Patrons that assure me with such stable support (perks of living in a 3rd world country where U$D is valued more than local currency, yay I guess?).
With all that said, I still feel a bit sick today but nothing to worry, this is probably result of the real life stress plus the creative bursts I had these last 2 weeks when I worked more than anything without noticing. I'm slowing down this week and may get back into real stuff only after the release of GD3, meaning that until Monday I plan to rest a lot.

Now the schedule:

September Release - Giantess Dream 3 - 1st weekend
September rewards - Renders answering a Patron question + more character before/after
September preview - Probably Cheap Tricks 41 featuring a big flashback (late September)

Giantess Dream 3 is going to be one of the best patrons reward yet 'cause it is almost 140 renders, and for the $5 patrons I have an even bigger deal this time 'cause I improved a lot the animation workflow, so, stay tuned for the release.

There's the risk of a vacation at any time and even the delay of October's releases if I don't figure out the plot in time: I plan to do this Cheap Tricks base on the spinoff script, but there's a lot to consider here, so, before some field tests I can't be sure of anything.
For the Patron's rewards I have one render in store that is spoiler, so it won't be released before the next release and I'm already working in the test stuff that may produce delightful renders 'cause booty.
Domina's Valley 28 on the other hand has not only renders of the first part ready but it also has daft script and scene and man it may be one of the biggest things on the plot side - unless I'm unable to deliver it: I went from 1 to 100 in one night, still need to calculate the consequences :O (though I even decided the growth, hehe).

And I think this is it.

Thanks for the support and talk to you guys again soon.

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When there will be new comics with big growth spurts just like in the past?