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Schedule + Tactical Retreat

I'll try to keep things short in the beginning, for the rest, bear with me.

• Cheap Tricks 41 Comic - October 9th (delivered)
• Domina's Valley 28 Comic - IN DEVELOPMENT
• Debra and Natalie's comparison Bonus - Delivered
• Jessy and Tyson Plot tests - one post per day until October 30th
• Domina's Valley 28 comic Preview - October 23th
• Final Post (mini story text + 2 renders) - October 31th
• Tactical retreat - November 1st

SHORT VERSION - THe year 2021 was a great year, I'm on vacation beginning on November 1st. I'm ok but need rest, time to script and do stuff. DV 28 may be released sometime before my comeback, no ETA for official comeback. Thanks for your support :D

Dear friends, this has been a wonderful year.

We had 11 months of non-stop releases, one comic (or animation) per month since December 2020 plus tons of renders that would NEVER come public, tests and suggestion from Patreon, in the year I could build a world of giantesses - pun related to the unification of the stories in a single universe, hehe.

This achievement happened thanks to all of you watching, supporting me, buying chapters and being Patrons: enough resources reached my hands for keeping the dream alive and even making me optimistic into turning this into may main job one day.

THE MAIN ACHIEVENTS OF THIS YEAR were the universes of Cheap Tricks and Domina's Valley merging, a lot of background material created, the flashback spinoff integrated in the main series, lots of characters and scenes refined,  timeline and chapters numbers updated, a HUGE update in the website while growing its reach, managing legal issues and other things.

THERE'S STILL A LOT OF STUFF IN STORE waiting the right time to be put in action: characters, scenes, plots (oh the excitement of everything going into chaos again), oh man, things I did in 2020 and refined to the point it is so right that it deserved their own chapters... but there's a lot to happen before that because I must take care of myself...

MY HEALTH I can tell it is better than it was in years, probably because I'm finally aware of it and am IDK, sleeping enough? I'm improving month by month I have no plans of seeing a doctor again for a long time, I had my share of hospitals and medicine for the decade, I'm clean and stable now, so I'm taking this time also to help my mind healing.

WHY THE RETREAT? For the most part everything is ok, but I'm having a bit of anhedonia, mental tiredness, out of consistent drafts for the next chapters and creativity got a bad hit these last months: I burned most of my creative power. It's time to rest.

I LOVED THE PATREON THING thing and was hopeful to show more stuff, but I realized I was getting wearied and the schedule was getting tighter every month, it was clear that it was time to vacation. Like "normal" people do after long 11 months of work.

WHEN? October 31 is my "last day", I may keep a watch on all channels but won't be releasing anything for some time.

HOW LONG? Hard to tell. I will rest, do nothing, sometimes write, test, make some site related stuff and probably work slowly on all stories preparing to the comeback.

DOMINA'S VALLEY 28 may be released before going back because it has part of it done already and the draft exists, in my mind, problem is that I must decide on a lot of plot things it because there's a good chance I change places of things that happen in chapter 29 to place on it for better continuity. Can't do now, mind is broken, so, this month I'm working on the part of the chapter that is already decided.

MY SITE, PATREON and ETC - I'm going to cancel payments from patrons until I'm back, new patrons that want to see whatever is inside can still come in because it is all paid upfront. DeviantArt and my site sales and support will still happen normally (I'll keep a watch).

FINALLY, my thanks to all of you who have made the Dream possible during 2021.

I wish you all an awesome late 2021 and a dreamy 2022.

Live the Giantess Dream.
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You Deserve A Break After All The Great Giantess Content You Furnished Us With, You'll Definitely Will Be Missed For A While And We All Look Forward To Your Return When You Are Rested

Take Care My Friend And Live The Giantess Dream.