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SHE - Shine over us, sweet mother of beauty.

It is a bit hard to breathe.

Nope, not sick, just anxiety, because I did stuff enough to sweat a lot so my lungs are really healthy.

But when I'm not distracted, I'm a bit worried, and this is, uh, uncomfortable.

So I needed something to calm myself, something like bringing to life someone that could fill all my worries, with all the sweet I need.

There is she, lovely, gorgeous, healthy, like all should be.


Be safe, guys.
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Please, more pics of her in other clothes and other dom sitting

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nice fit legs <3
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Yes our first M.I.L.F. character! <3
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The first to get it :D
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Is it the mother with the strong sex drive? ^^'
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Yeah but, not sure about everything yet.
Her legs don't look the right way, lol, I forgot to make them smooth and they went a bit too fir, hehe.
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Wow now you have mentioned it... it looks "interesting" ^^'
Reminds me a bit of Jessica
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I wish lots of growth for her :love:

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A true beacon of light during these dark times
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Definitely a life-giver. Beautiful work.

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And now I wish there was a story using this character, because she looks really damn good!

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Actually... lol
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What? What's so funny?

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Guess who she is ->  Them - Living the dream. by bmtbguy  
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It’s nice to have something distract you.
The resolution in the courtyard is pretty remarkable.
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