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No! It is going to spoil it all! + info :D


Why is Audrey scared? What did she see?

Most important... WHY IS SHE THERE???

Hello, everyone, mid month update and despite of the overtime and lots of work I'm in a good mood, prepare for a lot of text, haha.

These first weeks were a blast: 

Finished the CS University and was able to merge it with the scene I was already posing, advanced a decent amount of panels to create the monthly preview and thanks to the calmer week I was even able to exceed the weekly panels number by hundreds of panels.

I explain: got about 50 panels ready for GD3 rendering right now, most of it on the final script, plus a couple of extra renders for the Plus version featuring (SPOILER) and one of the combos of animation+zoom though the Zoom one will need its own retouch after the first part is ready due to difference in frame count. 

This let me with an overwhelming schedule of almost 700 renders :O

Thanks to the experience in Domina's Valley 27 and Cheap Tricks 2 I believe I'm getting used to it even if it is a flat-line-animation, so, more frames and a bit more of the fluidity the earlier ones lacked ( I've been improving since Cheap Tricks Shorts one but I think that in CT2 it was acceptable).

Of course I'm still trying to cheat avoiding wasting rendering power here and there but I'm certain we're reaching a sweet spot of quality versus working time and rendering time.

Speaking of sweet, I'm not even sure I'm in the middle of the chapter 'cause I had so much fun in this first half that I may have exceeded the panels number, so, I have less than 2 weeks to having it all done to be sent to the proofreader, so, wish me luck on that...

Also, I'm not sure if this will be my final try at the animation thing or if I will even try it again at DV28, but probably next month I will have a better idea on numbers/extra work/profit. We will see if it pays, after all I've been doing overtime for the sake of the research and I will use this extra energy I still have now to be sure I'm not overdoing it.

About the computer working rendering power, well, I can't even buy a new one now because of lack of compatible parts around, also, after the fresh installation and transferring my 3D content to NVMEs I almost feel like I'm working on a new system 'cause I regained a lot of the responsiveness of my old intel and I don't need to wait much for saving/loading anymore, so it is good as it is. Probably next year we shall have new parts on the AM5 platform and if reviews come out good maybe I'll be upgrading - if the reasonable compatible parts arrive in Brazil (I can't even buy a decent case here, this RGB bullshit comes before airflow and all the good cases for a big watercooler that would fit in my home setup aren't available here *facepalm).

Since this update is public, I'll thumbnail some of the comparison BIG pictures my patrons are getting this week, so, if someone want to support me and get these + Cheap Tricks plus and support my work, come to and be a Patron :D

That's it.

See ya in the next update.

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please oh please! just make marina a greedy height draining b!tch haha

thanks for all your hard work! your doing great!

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Congrats!!! Looking forward to it all :love:

Congo for completing your CS university..... And just don't overdo stuff K? We love your content.. <3

Yeah... I'm also gonna start my 1st year