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These are being long days.

Actually, short ones.

Even being able to work at least a little at GTS every day, most of the work is the content cataloging, transforming new scenes - hopefully creating some presets but sometimes losing time when they don't work - and mainly maturing concepts and ideas to the continuation of the series that, no secret to anyone, has an all new direction - not sure it will reach a same end.

Unable to produce "tastable material" in sufficient quantity to justify a Patreon, I'm still here, building the very foundations of the new seasons.

This picture has more spoilers than anything, where T stands for Tyson, D stands for the 3 layer Dome and C stands for the Condo apartment I did a massive edit.

As for the geographic location and the 2 new gals, well, they're what we can call brand new, bonded in the plot I've been calmly weaving, already linked to the country itself.

Sure, new characters in a too big story are harder to get, but I made them with a lot of love and care... and I hope they can bring some caos for professor Tyson's already troubled self, as for his exes, hehe.

Looking to the horizon, I can't wait for the day I will show them, and put the new plot in the works for real.

See ya.
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In the description u say Exes? Did Jessy leave him?!?
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Technically Miss domina, Veronica and Patricia have some interest on him, so, exes was a was used in a wide meaning, despite of very ambiguous, hehe.

He definitely needs to hook up with Veronica! They have so much in common

Im still waiting to see the height of giselle after the Party

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Are those going to remain the same for a while?

We have some strange ratios for once. New uncharted size territories. :)

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Check the height chart bro
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