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These are being long days.

Actually, short ones.

Even being able to work at least a little at GTS every day, most of the work is the content cataloging, transforming new scenes - hopefully creating some presets but sometimes losing time when they don't work - and mainly maturing concepts and ideas to the continuation of the series that, no secret to anyone, has an all new direction - not sure it will reach a same end.

Unable to produce "tastable material" in sufficient quantity to justify a Patreon, I'm still here, building the very foundations of the new seasons.

This picture has more spoilers than anything, where T stands for Tyson, D stands for the 3 layer Dome and C stands for the Condo apartment I did a massive edit.

As for the geographic location and the 2 new gals, well, they're what we can call brand new, bonded in the plot I've been calmly weaving, already linked to the country itself.

Sure, new characters in a too big story are harder to get, but I made them with a lot of love and care... and I hope they can bring some caos for professor Tyson's already troubled self, as for his exes, hehe.

Looking to the horizon, I can't wait for the day I will show them, and put the new plot in the works for real.

See ya.
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In the description u say Exes? Did Jessy leave him?!?