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It's time to pursue the dream.

Short Version: Pausing all GTS works, no ETA, fixing stuff IRL, good stuff. See ya.

Long Version: When I left for my break in October, I was tired.

Fact is, I had no idea so much could happen in such a short time IRL.

I rested a bit, then I returned at January, full of energy, and fought at full strength these first 2 months of the year, sure that I wouldn't be capable of doing all that should be done, but it happened, because I wasn't alone: family was always with me, here IRL, and you guys there at my GTS family supporting me.

Now I arrive at the critic moment of breaking, where I must hold the Giantess Dream for a while so I can pursue the IRL dream.

What is a Dream IRL? I have no idea, not for sure... But changing something that is bothering you for decades and execute some life old objectives that will improve your quality of life is a dream come true - so I'm taking it.

Thanks the Universe, health is good, stuff is happening and I must to focus on this and take whatever time I have left to rest so I won't commit the mistakes I made in the past and compromise my health.

I plan one year or two until it is all set, but I'll be back sooner than this.

Give me a couple of months and we shall see what happens next.

See you guys soon.

Live the Giantess Dream!

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you've done more we cold ever ask for over these years. I'm watching you since 2014! Follow your dreams.