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Giantess Dream - teaser

By bmtbguy
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Before going ahead, we need to go back to the past... in this case, the oldest in the timeline yet, necessary to tie the plot together.

Here we will meet 2 new characters in a shady plot for the future of the country of the giantesses, decades before Cheap Tricks 1.

This will be a paid comic available at DA and my site, a cheap one with about 40 renders, also given for my supporters on Patreon of this month.

Last month we had a free production, I wish I could make it all free but, unless I meet some income from time to time I won't be able to keep producing, so, 1 paid content, one free, and I'll keep going forward so we can see what future holds.

But sure, new ideas are welcome ^^'
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Nice men, .. i wanna support you in patreon :D

bmtbguy's avatar

Thanks you :D

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When will this short comic be available?
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Probably by the weekend.

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I’m so happy you finally made a Patreon! I’m happy I can finally support and can’t wait for what the future holds!
bmtbguy's avatar

Thanks you :)

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YES! Can't wait for this and your patreon!

Klinkhede's avatar

Thank you! I'm so happy. Your work is the best so being able to support you really makes me smile!

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Thank, man ^^

Let's see see what this year has in store for us, I wish it to the best.

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I also subbed can’t wait to see a Gisselle vid on there it some Gisselle renders 😉😉😉

bmtbguy's avatar

Soon, just starting it.

No video yet, working on 3 projects already...

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I love Cheap Tricks, and can’t wait for the lore of this

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