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Giantess Dream 3 Height Chart

*Edit - Updated: Audrey and Phoebe's names were misplaced.
So good mixing them ^^
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Wendy is a wonderful Milf, she should grows a lot bigger and hotter ;):hug:

Shouldn't the title be Giantess Dream 3?

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Yes. I'll fix that too. I'm a bit tired yet, haha, lots of errors...

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So is this a new timeline in the franchise or something? Or is this how Audrey had motivation to grow?

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No no, it is all a single big timeline that I've been reorganizing for a while already. It is not finished yet, there's a lot to be done:

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Someday I'll have to check it out then, just to know if this is a prequel series or a reboot series.

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I'm using this series to fill into the blanks and to help rearranging the 2 other stories into a single timeline. Not exactly a reboot.

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i think Audrey & Phoebe's names got switched here

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Oh, that's true... I'll fix it, thank you.

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