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Giantess Dream 1 - PLUS

©Live The Giantess Dream
Season 1: Giantess Origins
Chapter 1 - The Queen's Dream


Standard: U$D 2 (pictures with text)
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Deviant Art (160 Points): Giantess Dream 1 - Standard

PLUS: U$D 3 (pictures & text + pictures only)
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Deviant Art (240 points): Giantess Dream 1 - PLUS

Pages: 41 (JPG) | Size: 15 / 27 Mb | Resolution: 1920x1080

In a beautiful blue world of a neighbor dimension lies a continent where the healthiest females live, known by its female athletes and models. There, at least half of the average women excel in beauty and every other body development, literal of amazons of beauty and lust.

In that place, decades ago, the ruling queen had a dream where women would return to their deserved power... but how if they're already above average?

Soon we will know that the power of the Goddess of Growth knows no bounds.

This is the first chapter of my 3rd series of comics, unifying the universe of my stories, so, on this chapter, just lore and a little bit of body development, no real height growth.
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I liked it! It's like a vignette. Thank you for continuing to produce such awesome content. Remember to pace yourself and take it easy.

Is this one going to be on the website where chapter 3 of cheap tricks is at. Also, is chapter 4 of cheap tricks going to be on that website.

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This line of comics will be a paid one for now, so it will be available only for sale and Patreon.

At the same time Cheap Tricks, the free one, will be released after every paid one, so, free readers will still have content.

Wow that was great can’t wait to see what it leads up to great intro!
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Thank you, I did it with love, how nice you captured the essence ^^

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I warned it was more about plot ;P

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too short ;/

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well, that's how it begins...

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ouu. ok :D i waintg for more

Its supposed to be short tho
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