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February is over

Hello everyone ^^

We're finishing the month of February on a positive balance (mostly :P )

This was another very busy month: I delivered Cheap Tricks 39, I'm on the way to finish and release Donina's Valley 26 for the end of march, have one chapter of ******** half way done, posed some DV 27 for studies while deciding plot points, had a good interaction with Patrons with extra renders, tests, one pool and I still have content planned until may for general release. 

For June, well, IDK, there's some stuff to be decided and done here. If I'm able to do some stretch I can have something, but there's GD2 all new chapter to be re-script and assembled, DV has less than 30% done thanks to early tests saved and what remains is another ********* that is a bit hard to be done in the actual circumstances.

Take not of the schedule:

Early March - Finish DV 26 Script/text and retouches, script/assembling/posing/testing for next comics

Mid March - Preview with text of May's comic, Last fixes and revision for DV26

Late March - Release of Domina's Valley 26 - TO BE SOLD OUTSIDE PATERON - WARNING - IT IS NOT INCLUDED

Mid May - Preview of DV27 or GD2, whatever comes first

Late May - Release of ******* Comic

June - No idea ;P

I'd like to thank all of you for your support for helping me to keep the dream alive.

Now, back to real life 'cause I have a ton of stuff I left aside to do GTS this week Sweating a little... 
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mmmhhh she is so hot :-)

Can Vanessa get pregnant at her height

So tell me how the going to be? Can you indulge us with some details of cheap trick? Also, though I enjoy her being dominant but I want more variety because she always winning can bored me a little. So perhaps other somewhat bigger similarly to height. This is merely my opinion. I am aware there is people who love this and are conform with this

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This season is about tying the stories universe together, test and build plot and assets, build background, fill some plot holes and show some of their daily life while I decide which story line I chose to it and building the plot for season 5.

In the beginning it won't have any real deal, different to DV and GD that have already a more objective plot.

As their stories begin to merge I plan to use one of the cards I have under my sleeve, but until I build this background these story lines have no use.

And Vanessa will definitely be invited to the reckoning.

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I see what you did there! ;)

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take your time. Your work is unique.

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