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Domina's Valley Chapter 9

By bmtbguy
Domina's Valley Chapter 9 - Sweet Nightmares
©Tales From Domina's Valley | Part TWO - Autumn's Whispers

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Tyson finds himself inside a sweet dream: he is dating the busty and gorgeous Giselle and this weekend he is hers. Under control of his mistress and dominated by his own instincts they have a delicious trip to Tyson's house for a love night and, in the next afternoon, a walk into a mysterious place, very special to Giselle.

Suddenly, he falls into a strange deja-vú: he feels... home?
What about dreaming with a powerful and gorgeous prisoner asking for help and offering a life more enjoyable than his wildest dreams? What if she shows you a reality so deliciously intense that you'd feel in a nightmare?

In this chapter, more mysterious news about this growing comic, and some growth.
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Great chapter, hope to see more of this massive sized Jessy in the future, but for now it is probably good she is learning humility unless she is destined to always be this power mad.
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Maybe you can see her again. Surely in a dream. Who knows in the main story ;)