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Domina's Valley Chapter 5

By bmtbguy
Domina's Valley 5 - The Game of the Century
©Tales From Domina's Valley | Part ONE - A Pretty BIG Girl

Price: U$D 5.00

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Ah, the games... Tall girls love volleyball and we love tall girls.
There is a lot of things going around, like the 5 new characters and a bit more of story: how could Professor Veronica know about the theory of Dominas Valens Campus? Mr. Tyson is upset, and the girls are beginning to show themselves even more.
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Thanks again. Let's hope hey can fix it soon.
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It is working nos :) try again please.
TheMoleUK's avatar
Works fine!

Thanks very much for letting me know.

Another fun chapter! :-)
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TheMoleUK's avatar

The link to buy this chapter is missing.

Is there anything you can do to add it in, please?

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Sorry, the shop tools stopped working :( I'm awaiting their answer.
TheMoleUK's avatar
Thank you. I hope they manage to resolve the issue soon.

Just this one to go and then I *think* I have everything! :-)

And thanks for all the great artwork - both free and not-free - over the years.

Fun stories extremely well created. Really great work!
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Thanks :) I really enjoy doing it. I'll tell you when they fix it, seems to be a huge issue on their server. :(
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