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Domina's Valley Chapter 16

By bmtbguy
Domina's Valley 16 - Feeding the Titans
©Tales From Domina's Valley | Part THREE - Tropical Winter

Price: U$D 8.00

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Veronica and Patricia begin their Goddess hunt relying on their incomplete knowledge. What they didn't suspect is that the solution to their quest is right under their noses, specifically on their chests!

Meanwhile, Patricia witnesses goddess-like girls towering over trees with growing boobs that defy the laws of physics - is that some sort of sorcery?

The necklaces begin to show their will to grow the biggest, if you know what I mean ;)

This is the largest chapter so far, 307 pictures of "plot", BE, size transference/body stealing, and lots of growth, the greatest collection since chapter 10.

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I can't find a purchase Button...
Di you have a Link?
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I've sent you a note.
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on the right side of this picture
Oh, yeah, in my detailed analysis/comments I forgot to say how much I like the cover of the latest chapter.

Eden growing in the story proper is GREAT but the idea of a large breasted woman who started the story standing under five feet tall growing so tall that Vivian is shorter than her waist is the STUFF OF LEGENDS!!!

Monique would probably become a shut-in if the cover version of Eden came to work.
{Possible Spoilers}

So was the goddess mark necklace veronica was speaking too at the very end the real one or was it one of the copies she made?
bmtbguy's avatar
She use first the original on the girl, the girl grows, she take it back using any excuse and changes it for a copy. From all 4 "GMs" in her suitcase only one was the real one, and she knew which one it is because she can feel it, that's also why she didn't let Jana test the "last necklace", she needs a copy to change after testing.
{Again, spoilers...}

And so at the end, she gives the real GM to Jana?
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No, that's a "vision" of the necklace's "will".
Didnt have a bank account im because im a student i think the only way would be something like a paysafecard if u accept it
bmtbguy's avatar
paysafecard not available in my country :( we need another option
What is avaible that doesnt requires paypal or a bank konto
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I've sent you a note.
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please make an image like this with veronica .
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and next time we see the boob rivals, Giselle and Eden starting her boob growing race?^^Meow :3 Wink/Razz 

I love the growing scenes they are the best and the story is interesting, i like it. But i dislike the hair style change from Patricia!:( (Sad) , i liked the old hair style. And is it possible that the Cover has a lower quality or something else? it looks strange to me.
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*Cover "quality" was the filter I used because that scene is really dark.
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That is not even her final form Mwahahahahahahaha! 
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DBZ referennce hehe
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Sometimes I like to put some references ;)
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I just wanted to take a moment and say some things.

Chapter 16 of Domina's Valley is BY FAR the best 3D work I've ever seen in my 15 years of being within this community. I'm shocked at how impressive this came out. There were tons of growth(both in height and boobies), tons of plot development, sexy body stealing, and more than 300 pictures for 8 dollars!

==Some Spoilers==

This chapter gave us what we were asking for and then some! Bmtbguy, thank you SO MUCH for going crazy with the boobies(Keep them growing on every girl ;) ). It was so nice to see those growth sequences go on for many pages. The cut-scene where we saw the powerful sorceress growing that girl and the winter heart? Wow! The vampiric necklace idea is a great angle too. I can imagine a lot of great future scenes coming from that. If I remember correctly, doesn't the vampiric necklace induce more than one growth spurt? Anyway, giving your viewers 300 pages really made this chapter feel like it had solid content. It was so nice to be able to enjoy so much of your work at once. Even if it takes longer to work on, I hope you still release your future chapters like this. The quality was above and beyond anything I've seen before. I can't say enough good stuff about this story!

Lastly, I want to point out the top 3 things that I felt made this Chapter incredible:

1) The number of height growth sequences that also had breast growth too. It's so refreshing and sexy to see!

2) The plot development with how the necklaces work. I can't wait to see what other awesome scenes will be created because of this awesome idea you came up with.

3) The camera angles. I don't think many people understand how creative you are with camera angles. This chapter had some incredible angles. The last few pages where the girl's necklace couldn't be seen because she wasn't leaning forward? Beautiful.


Please keep up the great work Bmtbguy. My hopes are we won't have to wait too long for your next amazing chapter. Thank you!
bmtbguy's avatar
Thanks man :)

Unfortunately it is not possible to put all this growth in all chapters... but I'll try to keep building the dreamlike scenes to fill the story gaps ;)

About the cameras, I change a lot the original script in order to use a nice camera angle I find, I even delete some that doesn't look good, POV is important.

Again, thanks for your support Beetle :)
Beetlebomb's avatar
Sounds good man!

Yes, definitely continue those dreamlike scenes. The dream scenes are great! More so, I'm also looking forward to how busty and tall Jana will become. Crossing my fingers her boobs get even larger! *cough cougH* Throw that in for an old friend? lol, I'm just joking :P

And of course you have my support, bmtb. Always.

Take care man, and enjoy your time and success!
Great chapter as always! Now I really can't wait for chapter 17 to see what goes around with Jana :)
Hey i wanted to buy it but i dont have paypal or a credit card are there any other possible payment methods
bmtbguy's avatar
It is free to get into Paypal, there you will wind out if in your country you can use your bank account as payment method.

There is other way to do this, you can TopUp the account, send money to Paypal,

Other way is asking a friend to send you the money via Paypal, or even asking someone to buy the points and sending them to you.

Or you can tell me if you have any other way to do it online, ok?
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