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Domina's Valley Chapter 15

By bmtbguy
Domina's Valley 15 - Something Missing
©Tales From Domina's Valley | Part THREE - Tropical Winter

Price: U$D 7.50

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A golden statue, a couple of old scripts, a red necklace and tons of boobs. What does it mean?

To Veronica, it is the Vampire Princes, but we know who she really is, the fact is that she holds something that she shouldn't: an amulet almost as powerful as the Goddess Mark, a corrupted relic! The precious one even speaks!

After a humiliating height measuring season, Patricia gets this new toy to play with, involving Vivian, Jana and Eden in the role.

The poor girl will soon find out that SHE is the toy.

Maybe there's something missing.

There is a special dream growth sequence in this one, if you want to see how Patricia could be grown into an amazon this is the time. The rest is a special surprise ;)
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Paypal was a lot easier to download your comics. Why the switch?
bmtbguy's avatar
Because they blocked me.

That simple, Paypal doesn't care, they don't give a shit, didn't even let me fix the account or withdrawn the money.

I have to pay taxes for almost a year of sales and those morons are making me have a problem with national taxes system, I need the money now or have my entire life, as person and business fucked.
willgmovie's avatar
Agree, more Eden.
And kudos for the massive cliff hanger, now I can't wait for #16
And i hope to see more of Eden.
bmtbguy's avatar
She is one of the stars, you will see more of her.
First time I Purchased anything from deviantart!!! 
But hey still want to support your work!  Good reason fir my first purchase i think.
bmtbguy's avatar
Than you very much :)
is there anyway to pay it with paypal? i get redirected to this page all the time :S
bmtbguy's avatar
You need to buy points, internal police of DA, for that you can use paypal or Credit card. With paypal the validation in not immediate, you need to wait. They say it is from 5 to 15 days but some guys said me it was validated sooner than that.
so you can only buy it with DA coins? Man that really sucks, i bought all the parts and now and dont want to back out, but i pay alot more for a part now with that coin payment. 
bmtbguy's avatar
I can't do anything, I'm already absorbing all DA taxes, looked for months for an option and nothing, I'm stuck here until I find something like "Gumroad" that accepts this kind of content.
willgmovie's avatar
I was ok'd  in seconds.
Do you plan on ever doing muscle growth again, like with the first comic Eden is in?
bmtbguy's avatar
Muscle growth is not the focus of the story, I'm sorry but I'm not sure if I will use it again until I find a good opportunity.
That's ok. I just loved how well you did it, especially with Eden's already big assets.😊
HbK2's avatar
I tried purchasing it directly from gtsartist. But when I clicked on the purchase button it took me to deviantart which requires you to purchase points, before buying purchasing items.
bmtbguy's avatar
GTSartists is not selling anymore, now it's a reference for GTS content.
It is a pity, nor now I will stay at DA, until I find something else that works :(
Love your work.please more super high heeled boots and more growht sequences for the girls and of course more jeans super tight .a.jajajajajajaja
bmtbguy's avatar
Well, if I remember it right when you buy something the button changes to "Purchased" and when you click it again you can download it again. Can you try that?
HbK2's avatar
On their are other recent stories posted for purchase. Hopefully you can now do the same thing with Dv 15.
No purchase button
Smart phone, it's the only access I have
bmtbguy's avatar
Ok, i'll send you a message
bmtbguy's avatar
Are you using computer or smartphone? In my smartphone it doesn't show the purchase button.
If you're trying in a computer just tell me.
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