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Domina's Valley Chapter 14

By bmtbguy
Domina's Valley 14 - Cold Reception
©Tales From Domina's Valley | Part THREE - Tropical Winter

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Come with our growing girls for another sexy adventure in Domina's Valley, chapter 14, with a lot of female growth scenes and height comparisons!

Winter's vacation is over and everybody is eager to come back to DVU. The winter's witchcraft worked outstandingly, making young and old women alike have huge growth spurts while it's power simply refuses to grow some others.

Jessy put on some of her hottest clothes for the first day of the new semester and impressed most of the guys at first, but is forced to face a sad reality she has never seen before. At the same time the witches meet their most powerful-and-somehow-powerless artifact falling in a pool of deception while some girls keep reaching higher and higher heights!

Is that some kind of curse?
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Please help. Nowhere on the right side of the screen I can not see the button to PURCHASE. I see only Add to favourites and Download (only for the initial image) . The points I have already bought . Thank you.
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I've sent you a message, take a look into your notes.…
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Great! Love it, as always! Keep up the great work.
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wow !
i like to see all women are growing ,  can't wait for more !
also i think it's time to make a height chart and a poll for DV ;-)
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thanks a lot !
Glad you were able to finish the new installment.

Liked the "Cheap Tricks" easter egg: Jessy watching Vanessa & Tony on her TV...naked! ;-)

Being a breast man, Alice isn't really my favorite of the DV girls but I like the growth scene and her later announcement of being the tallest! I thought hitting 7 feet would be an accomplishment for the girls; now I can't wait till they're all eight footers-plus.

"It must be the DNA...Just like Jessy, Monique has a damn great ass!" I hope this quote applies to Patricia and when she starts growing, she has some damn great boobs like Giselle!

The improved renders/graphics are great. I never really took notice of Patricia's chest before, but I sure did this chapter.

I know the faculty can do whatever they want but seeing Veronica in her boots after Jessy had to remove her heels seemed a little unfair and a bit hypocritical.

I know she had ulterior motives but I wouldn't mind seeing Patricia's taunts of outgrowing Jessy come true...even if it was just a dream sequence.

Hmm, if Tina is going to grow like that I might have to reserve a seat at the diner. Do they franchise? An eating establishment with growing DV girls should do well in almost any market. Especially, if they go topless like Giselle did!

It was great seeing Nicole, with her awesome combination of height and breasts, working at the diner. And I admire the industriousness of her working there (if only for training) and her job at Gerald's. Giselle must have been in Amazon Queen mode when she confronted her because standing up to someone almost a foot taller than you isn't something I would expect most women to do.

Patricia standing up to Veronica should be a wake-up call to the Sorceress and just how ambitious her protege has become. I wonder what's missing, since the necklace didn't help Patricia grow any. Of course, it apparently hasn't been helping its owner Jessy grow that much either. Is Tyson needed to help with the growth? Or do they need earrings (or some other piece of jewelry) to go along with the necklace?

With all the growth in this chapter, I'm really looking forward to the new height chart.

The scene at T.T.'s with the over seven foot Monique finally being able to touch the floor and the reference to "the tallest side of the city" is intriguing, hopefully we'll find out why everything in the diner is super-sized and how the women on the "tallest side" look like.

I hope we get to see some of the measuring mentioned in the chapter. And do they measure just height? I'd like a bust measuring scene or two.

This chapter seemed to be created pretty quickly; is this new output rate the norm?

And finally I hope we see a bigger (in both height and breasts) Eden in the next chapter.
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Big post O.O

Semi nude. She is on panties ;)

Alice is Jessy's worst nightmare, the tie-up in her big girl status, neede for the plot.

Patricia's growth will be, well, peculiar.

Thanks, I do my best for making it better and better :)

No high heels is "plot" ;)

Well, we have a problem in that, only Tyson and Ysadora are the dreamers, Veronica is (no spoiler now :() and Patricia will... (next chapter). It doesn't mean someone else can't have strange visions.

lol, Tina's Dinner is amazing, you ask for milk they give you boobs :happybounce: :happybounce: , but even Nicole can match Giselle's new personality. 

The necklace is the answer, but something is missing. I'm sure they will find it in the next chapter.

New Height chart soon.

In future chapters everybody will know about the tallest side ;)

Measuring boobs is complicated, I prefer comparing them to heads in the scene.

The upgrade will surely make my life easier, but a lot of stuff was being made since January, like the new huge breast morph, skin adjustments, light and shader changes in the scenes, clothes assembling and etc. When I get back to work at April I just had to assemble the scene and pose it, then, with more memory I could improve the whole scene and put more things in it, and this doesn't let me faster, at least not yet. To you have an idea, I already have Audrey's GTS interior scene ready since February and you guys might see it only in July, and this happens a lot, I create scenes for future chapters and/or change the old scene for new ones, like I did with Jessy's house. When all scenes are ready, it is faster, but lately I'm changing old scenes for newer ones I bought, then I need to modify them, check textures, scale it, compare it, test actions, test lights... hard work.

Eden is awaiting for you in the next chapter with her majestic wonders. ;)
"Big post O.O"
I only write in proportion to how much I LOVE your story! :-)

"Semi nude. She is on panties"
She had clothes! I honestly didn't notice. Guess I got distracted by the naked breasts!

"Alice is Jessy's worst nightmare..."
With those last few panels (of the story), I sort of hoped that Jessy would be a little less competitive and try to make amends with some of the girls she had "issues" with. I wasn't expecting her to NOT be Jessy but at least try to be a little nicer in the next chapter. Apparently, with Alice around, that's not going to happen?

"Patricia's growth will be, well, peculiar."
That sort of statement makes me nervous. Hopefully, "peculiar" just describes the manner of the growth; while she grows in the tradition of her sister and all the other DV girls.

"No high heels is "plot""
Really? The administration is supposedly instituting this policy for the well-being of the growing student body, but has any DV girl ever hurt herself by wearing high heeled shoes?

"Well, we have a problem in that, only Tyson and Ysadora are the dreamers, Veronica is (no spoiler now :( (Sad)) and Patricia will... (next chapter). It doesn't mean someone else can't have strange visions."
You and your cryptic statements! Can't wait for the next chapter to see what the above means.

"The necklace is the answer, but something is missing. I'm sure they will find it in the next chapter."
Good. I know I'm probably in the minority but I sort of want to see Jana and Patricia after a growth spurt.

"In future chapters everybody will know about the tallest side"
If Nicole is typical of those on the "tallest side", I can't wait!

"Measuring boobs is complicated, I prefer comparing them to heads in the scene."
I'm a sucker for cup-sizes but in lieu of that if you do scenes like the one where we first saw the Amazon Queen (going from Giselle's enormous breasts to those four times bigger), I can't really complain too much. Sure, I would like to know what that translates to in cup-sizes and/or inches, but when you know Giselle is one of the bustiest characters in the series and the Amazon Queen's breasts are four times bigger than you know you're dealing with some ENORMOUS, off-the-chart endowments!

"Eden is awaiting for you in the next chapter with her majestic wonders."
Great! Hopefully, her height (and breasts) increased as well.
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WOw you did it Hug 
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I love this series :dalove:
veronica clothes are very lovely in this chapter like herself , but i hope she has a huge growth spurt in next chapters ;-)
bmtbguy's avatar
She will have her "BIG" moment.
Bought it! Thanks again man :)
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You're welcome :)
That was great! loved how Jessy was feeling short for once. 
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The story was hard with her this time, but that's an interesting role reversal
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