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Domina's Valley Chapter 13



Domina's Valley 13 - The Winter Rose
©Tales From Domina's Valley | Part THREE - Tropical Winter

Price: U$D 7.50

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Even as a tropical paradise, Domina's Valley and its surroundings are quiet by the winter. Some of our beloved girls are traveling, but that doesn't mean they aren't still growing :).

Also, Professor Tyson finds a new interesting place, Gerald's, a bar only for gentlemen, where women are not allowed... but for how long?

We will discover in this chapter even more mysteries from Domina's Valens thanks to Veronica's visit with Tyson, and we will meet the cold flower of Dominas Valens, that makes girls grow in the winter!

WARNING - Contains Nudity, BE, Growth, Dream and Witch Hunters ;)

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Thanks for promptly answering my questions/comments; I know it got a little lengthy there.

As someone who wants Eden to continue to GROW as a businesswoman, I suggest she stays as busy in the field as possible.

It makes sense (as a means of differentiating the girls) that they maintain their "main features".
On one hand, I want Alice to succeed as the most super of super-models and yet the idea of a well-endowed Alice is one I don't particularly want to let go. Also, thinking of Andrew getting choke-slamed by Giselle; it just seems that having Alice have similar attributes may be better for his health in the long run.

Thanks for clearing up the "chest ritual". I guess since most of those who practiced it are so well-endowed I just associated it with breast size.

Now, I'm REALLY looking forward to Spring to see all "that growth coming back"!

Hmm, thanks for itemizing all the jewelry. I'm a little worried about Jessy now that she's targeted by the witch hunters, but I'm sure she can handle least, I hope she can.

Again, thanks for the quick response to my LIST, bmtbguy. I really appreciated it.