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Domina's Valley Chapter 13

By bmtbguy
Domina's Valley 13 - The Winter Rose
©Tales From Domina's Valley | Part THREE - Tropical Winter

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Even as a tropical paradise, Domina's Valley and its surroundings are quiet by the winter. Some of our beloved girls are traveling, but that doesn't mean they aren't still growing :).

Also, Professor Tyson finds a new interesting place, Gerald's, a bar only for gentlemen, where women are not allowed... but for how long?

We will discover in this chapter even more mysteries from Domina's Valens thanks to Veronica's visit with Tyson, and we will meet the cold flower of Dominas Valens, that makes girls grow in the winter!

WARNING - Contains Nudity, BE, Growth, Dream and Witch Hunters ;)

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Thanks for promptly answering my questions/comments; I know it got a little lengthy there.

As someone who wants Eden to continue to GROW as a businesswoman, I suggest she stays as busy in the field as possible.

It makes sense (as a means of differentiating the girls) that they maintain their "main features".
On one hand, I want Alice to succeed as the most super of super-models and yet the idea of a well-endowed Alice is one I don't particularly want to let go. Also, thinking of Andrew getting choke-slamed by Giselle; it just seems that having Alice have similar attributes may be better for his health in the long run.

Thanks for clearing up the "chest ritual". I guess since most of those who practiced it are so well-endowed I just associated it with breast size.

Now, I'm REALLY looking forward to Spring to see all "that growth coming back"!

Hmm, thanks for itemizing all the jewelry. I'm a little worried about Jessy now that she's targeted by the witch hunters, but I'm sure she can handle least, I hope she can.

Again, thanks for the quick response to my LIST, bmtbguy. I really appreciated it.
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Resolvido, grato!
bmtbguy's avatar
Sempre às ordens, camarada. :)

Even though, she's traveling are we going to see Jessy grow prior to returning to DV? Part of me wants Giselle to outgrow her, but I'm sure there are just as many fans who want Jessy to always be the taller one.

I think the gondola operator had a missed opportunity. Surely, he could have worked out an arrangement (charge half the price, for example) where he ferried the sisters one at a time. Oh, well, that'll teach him to use his words better and not call Ysadora colossal.

Being Monique's assistant and the newest employee of the company, I was surprised that Eden wasn't with Alex and Monique on their business trip. And I wonder who garners more sales, Monique with her height or Eden with her breasts? And together...well could any straight man resist that kind of presentation?

I know that it would hurt her modeling career but with Andrew's breast obsession (as referenced in the scene at Gerald's), I wonder if Alice will have some breast expansion in her future?

Seeing as how there's only a one-inch difference in their heights (per the latest chart), is Stan waiting on Miss Knoda to outgrow him before he tells her how he feels?

Are we going to learn about the Big City? Why are the women so big and, based on Nicole's scene, grow so fast?
I know these are basically the questions that Tyson asked on page 43; but hey, great minds think alike! ;-)

Seriously, if Nicole is representative of what's in the Big City...I really want the story to go there!

The lady outside Gerald's was barefoot and it made me wonder: Do the women of DV wear expandable shoes? Nicole (and others have grown) and their shoes don't pinch or cause them any issues? Is that some magical byproduct of growing in DV...comfortable footwear?

Are we going to learn who took the skeleton (referenced on page 61) and where it is now?

Tyson mentioned all the seasons except Summer. Was that just a slip on his part? Does summer have a different effect on the DV women than spring and autumn and, per this chapter, winter?

Prior to this chapter, would Tyson saying the words have had a growing effect like it did this chapter? If Veronica (or someone else) recorded him and put the tape on an endless loop, would that lead to endless growth?

How did Veronica get the earrings that Tyson saw on the Amazon Queen?

Is breast size an issue (i.e. effectiveness) of the "chest ritual"? Per my earlier comment, being one of the "flatter" characters is Alice at a disadvantage doing this ritual?

There are neighbors in DV who have problems with topless girlfriends? Who are they? Friends of Vivian? ;-)

I really liked Tyson having to be on a step to reach Giselle (as I noted on this chapter's teaser) and can't believe that she's almost a foot taller than him! Can't wait till she reaches that milestone than passes it by!

What's the connection between Tyson and "Dream Tyson"? Is it reincarnation? Are we going to find out why "Dream Tyson" chose the Amazon Queen over the Winter Rose? Is Tyson choosing Giselle over Jessy suppose to parallel the aforementioned choosing of the Amazon Queen or is that just a coincidence?

Okay, the Winter Rose stores all the magic that comes from Veronica's spells, right? At a certain point, it forces her to grow...which makes those in Tyson reality grow? Is that all the native DV females? Does there have to be a catalyst like Tyson's remark to Giselle's breasts? If Ysadora doesn't make a comment about Marcela growing does that mean she's not going to receive any growth from Winter Rose?
What does Winter Rose do with the power she's stored when winter is over?

Is Jana really aware of what being a witch hunter means? She just doesn't seem as sinister about her mission objectives as Patricia and Vivian?

I hope Veronica has heard the Police song, "Wrapped Around Your Finger". The lyric: "I will turn your face to alabaster,
Then you'll find your servant is your master" seems like Patrica's goal as her not-so-loyal acolyte.

Okay, Jessy has the necklace. Are we going to find out why her grandmother left it to her and not another family member? How did her family get the necklace in the first place. How did it get separated from the earrings (assuming that one needs both earrings and necklace). Jessy's necklace looked different from Winter Rose' how many necklaces are there?

Okay, I'm done!

Really enjoyed the chapter, bmtbguy, and, as always, am eagerly looking forward to the next one!
bmtbguy's avatar
That's a big one... I'll answer what I can.

Assistant don't go to some meetings and, unnecessary to say that, Monique is enough ;)

Girls will keep most of their "main features", I must avoid make them look similar to other girls.

Knoda is an old crush, and a crush is a problem to every man.

Big city is = spoiler. Nope.

I don't focus on shoes, because the amount of extra work it would need and the difference of 5% in a growth spurt will be so small will be so small that it wouldn't worth at all.
Clothes are easier because the wider they get shorter they look, and that's why I apply the growth effect mainly in the clothes.

A little big girl was the summer ;)
But summer can get back and then... HUGE SHADOWS!

Every season or witchcraft is capable of a wave of growth, like said in Chapter 7, no more than one, except by *reasons*. The words just call the effect earlier or release a wave that was "stuck by reasons".

Ancient jewelry, you got me  ;)

Chest ritual is magic by fondness, not boobs.


Every tale has its legends, and once there is a nice capability that reality and consciousness are multidimensional, why not? Of course that it is for an other tale.
Winter Rose stores the power of the Goddess and gives back in the spring. Imagine all that growth coming backBmtbguy Gigi Growth Minigts .
DV girls are from a special bloodline, Tyson is not a key, he is, like us, obsessed by tall gorgeous females. 

Jana is sweet and naive, but intelligent and, well, sweet.

Patricia is dangerous, even to herself, but never underestimate a master.

Until now, 2 necklaces, 3 pairs of earrings and 3 crowns, each of them with its special features.

It is always a pleasure to hear you guys feedback :)
Também estou com o mesmo problema.
Bmtbguy, eu já tenho os créditos suficientes para fazer a compra, mas está dando um erro. O erro diz: "Illegal product".

Pesquisando no Google, encontrei isso:
"We are currently aware of an issue with a small number of premium content products. If you receive the error "illegal product" when attempting to purchase a product on premium content, please let the seller know to update the price, which will fix this issue. Once it has been updated, they may change it back to the proper price, which will then allow you to purchase it. :) We are looking into a better solution, but to get your products working again right now, this will do it. :) We greatly apologize for any inconvenience this is causing and appreciate your continued patience."

Você pode ajudar?

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Mesmo erro aqui.
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Obrigado pela dica andrerkn, funcionou aqui de primeira no teste que fiz.

Tentem comprar agora por gentileza e me avisem se funcionou por favor.
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Alem de não poder comprar por $7.50 , sim tive que depositar $ 10,00 aqui, ainda por cima fica dando erro na hora de comprar. erro diz: "Illegal product".
Bought and read...and really enjoyed it!

I have some questions/comments, but I don't want to spoil it for others yet, so I'll wait tomorrow or later this week.
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Nice to hear that :)
I'll be waiting.
just bought it, i am going to read it now :)
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