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Domina's Valley Chapter 12



Domina's Valley 12 - The Rise of the Amazon Queen
©Tales From Domina's Valley | Part TWO - Autumn's Whispers

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Giselle goes to Tyson's house to find out if she has really grown taller that day and, during their comparison Tyson fell again into a vivid dream where a mysterious new pink eyed character appears: the Amazon Queen!

He is confused because she looks a lot like someone special to him and, well, he experiences something unique that night.

Meanwhile, Vivian's plan to kick Eden out of the warehouse didn't work out thanks to Monique and Jana, and that grants Eden a sweet promotion ;)

And in the last scene we're going to a little party at the natural pool, where the Sorceress shows us all her power!

The last chapter of Autumn's Whispers, with BE, Slow Growth, Height Comparison and Giantess Growth.
Next season will surely be a Hot Winter ;)

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any reason for the change for Giselle's more makeup heavy look in chapter 11 back to the less makeup in this one?