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Domina's Valley Chapter 10

By bmtbguy
Domina's Valley 10 - The Fountain of Growth
©Tales From Domina's Valley | Part TWO - Autumn's Whispers

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Tyson and Giselle have been dating for about 1 month, and she is becoming more and more dominant. Tyson is now a calmer man, thanks to Giselle's love and Jessy's absence. Now all this tranquility is about to be broken because a lot of strange things are happening- like the sudden return of water into the lakes, fountains, ponds, and waterfalls of Domina's Valley after almost 6 years! Another odd event for an autumn season: not a single brown leaf on the ground...

Meanwhile, the sorcerer and the acolyte will be revealed as well as their not-so-devious but gorgeous plan: releasing the Goddess's blessing once again into Domina's Valley!

Time for some gorgeous growth ;)

This is the biggest chapter until now, with 4 scenes full of gorgeous girls and growth sequences! 
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is eden back in part 11? i hope so!
bmtbguy's avatar
I have plans for her in chapters 11, 12 and 13.
nice! looking forward to her growings :) keep up thw good work, you're the best!
Great job bmtbguy! just bought it and love it. Giselle's growth scene is great - I hope she gets more in chapter 11!
bmtbguy's avatar
I loved that one too ;), thanks
You're killing me, bmtbguy!

Waiting for "Cheap Tricks" is one thing, but now you got me salivating for the next Domina.

Is there any way to clone you? ;-)
bmtbguy's avatar
Haha, good one. Nope. But Intel could make faster and cheaper processors, so I could render more stuff in less time.
Now, back to the quest for a faster-but affordable- computer.
This is a complete abuse of the software's original purpose, but have you considered running your rendering software within a BOINC VM? That would allow volunteers to "donate" their spare CPU cycles to your computer.
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Wow, that would be great... but DS doesn't work this easy because the projects are huge, somtimes taking 12 of my 16 gb of ram and I would need a lot of knowledge for it... 3Delight is a complicated rendering engine, at least to me and plus the Boinc VM stuff seems a lot complicated...
RAM is scalable though. You can use high-speed flash drives to augment the RAM capacity of your PC for instance.
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I'm happy you guys enjoyed :)
Oops, Veronica should be Patricia.
Everything Chogup said.

Everytime I read a new installment of Domina, I want MORE!!!

Now, that the growth is happening in a more active onscreen manner, I want measurements. I want to know when the next round of growth is going to happen.

I feel for Veronica and wonder if and when she will ever grow.

Keep up the GREAT work and I look forward to your next posting.
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Measurements and more comparisons are part of chapter 11 ;)
just bought it, and i love it! when is the new cheap tricks comming?
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I know, I must finish it...
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Oh, also, thanks ;)
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