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Domina's Valley Bundle ONE

By bmtbguy
Domina's Valley Bundle ONE
©Tales From Domina's Valley | Part ONE - A Pretty BIG Girl
Contains chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6

Price: U$D 20.00

Buy via Deviant Art (1600 D.A. Point$) >>>

Buy on my site…

Images: 583 | Size: 124 MB | Resolution: 1366x768 px | Type: jpg

This is a bundle with the 6 first chapters of a story involving tall girls, myths and a very special city with a special price: Save 23%

Jessy D. Young is a pretty girl, a student of Domina's Valley University, who had a HUGE growth spurt when she became a teenager, dwarfing all her friends.
Now, in her fresh 18 years old body, her friends are not so short compared her but, she is the hottest stuff in town, stronger and taller than all of them. Immature, hot, tall, yet sweet, she always gets what she wants. But, what if a man comes into her town and resists her? What if he also falls in love for her?
That's a lot of delicious problems ahead!

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Can i get a link or note to purchase?
bmtbguy's avatar
On deviantart you must be in the desktop version of the site to buy. It will require buying D.A. points via PayPal or Credit Card…, wait validation of the points before buying the comic itself.

Or you can go to my other store and buy it straight with credit card:…

I purchased it but I'm only able to view the promo cover
Nintega10's avatar
Can't purchase
bmtbguy's avatar
Can't purchase the product or the points? Can you explain what happens? Are you on a computer or in a smartphone?
bmtbguy's avatar
All right, enjoy it  ;)
how do you download it?
Zentoul's avatar
I just purchased it, but it won't download. When I clicked the "click here" link, amid other code (that I was too dumb to copy) it said "no key exists." I think the download link's broken.
bmtbguy's avatar
I've sent you a note :)
Great buns, have her lips gotten bigger.
bmtbguy's avatar
No, same size. Maybe because the light ;)
OnePunchHyper's avatar
What if I'm on mobile, can I still view them?
bmtbguy's avatar
You will need to download and then unzip the files, but I'm not sure it will work in all mobile phones.
All I know is that the new Android phones has some unzip and file management utility to you do it and then view it like a photo gallery while in Windows Phone it is safer unzip in a computer and then copy to your phone's pictures folder.
I have no idea how to do it in iOS phones.

In a tablet might be easier because it has desktop and file utility.
OnePunchHyper's avatar
I have Android 4.4.4, are these bundles limited time only, or is this permanent?
bmtbguy's avatar
They are permanent :)
OnePunchHyper's avatar
Sweet, when I get some cash for my birthday, next month, I'll purchase your works. I found some of your chapters on Dailymotion, a few years ago. I'll definitely buy, to support you! :)
bmtbguy's avatar
Thanks :) Just edit the post for hiding the source, please.
OnePunchHyper's avatar
Those videos I saw, have long been extracted from Dailymotion. Oh yeah, could you check out, GtsDroveX?? He really likes your work, a watch would make him elated!
bmtbguy's avatar
Interesting works, but I follow only friends and references because I have a little time for browsing.
I still have 7k deviations to take a look at, in truth I'm thinking about undo some watches I did last year.
Ask him to consider rendering it in full quality and convert female models to Subdivision before rendering, the boobs would look much better ;)
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