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Domina's Valley 26 - Standard

Season 5: Summer in the Heights
Chapter 26 – It was Just a Dream

•Standartd Edition: U$D 4 (pictures & text)
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•Plus Edition: U$D 5 (pictures & text + pictures only + bonus renders)
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Somehow, morning dawns at Domina's Valley as if nothing has happened...  
Consider that most of the attendants are suffering from a heavy hangover, remembering nothing that happened last night. Yet the other half relate vague weird dreams, so, something definitely happened... right? Joy's unleashing wasn't a temporary space/time breaking event, so she left a couple of gifts and curses behind that many of them won't even notice while others might regret...

If at least someone could suspect what had truly happened...

Well, someone does!

*WARNING – This story contains only a small growth sequence, one "deflation" sequence, and some offstage shrinking and body difference (compared to the last chapter). This is a more plot-wise oriented chapter.
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I bought this chapter only to support you and your work. I understand that you would like to focus more on the plot instead of pure growth sequences, but I (and many other people I think) started to follow you for your amazing giantess growth sequences (the last chapter, Domina Valley's 25, was incredible). I also understand that we cannot have as many growth sequences as the last chapter because the girls would be way too big. But, as I said, I love growth sequences and that's the reason I support you. I hope that the next chapter will be different.

I don't know, maybe if you want to focus more on the plot you may make some separate side comics where there are only growth sequences, I would pay even more for them without complaining.

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It's not about the plot only, it is more about using the releases as a plot device as I write background and future content: growing them as fast as I was doing had a planned timeline already.

For DV, after the concept I did a huge effort for writing lore and timeline even before the first chapter, I mean, even the spring ball was in the plan since the first chapter was released, the only change I did was letting the growth happen in scene like I did with cheap tricks before - I learned this is a "feature" everybody loves.

I can run both plot and growth with DV with no problem like I did before, but I must go slow on the first chapters because I have scenes in mind for the future that I can't have them bigger before it happen.

Every chapter is preparing a smooth transition into the new proper season - I mean, "heights" is in the season name is there for a huge reason, so, despite most of the comparison lovers will enjoy a lot more these first chapters, the growth sequence fans may enjoy the motto of the new season as soon I can place some pieces in the table. And those pieces are big.

I appreciate your support and hope I can reach your expectations in the near future ^^

Have there always been bonus renders on the plus? I thought it usually was the main story and then pictures without the text? Any hint on what the bonus Images I missed out on are?

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This is the first time I'm offering extra renders.

That's 'cause had a ton of work and had to give up showing some poses and/or camera angles because of storytelling, so I decided to render them anyway so I could have them outside for the more curious readers ^^

I'll be sure to read the description on the Bonus in the future so I don't miss out again.

Really enjoyed the new DV and looking forward to the next chapter.


Sorry that the growth went back to Chapter 23 levels.

Got to find out who has the Winter's Heart.

Like the idea of Eden and Giselle's boobs filling out a giant-sized limo.

Interesting that you have Miss Knoda playing detective and not Veronica, Vivian or Patricia.

Can't wait for the next one.

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Yep, did a little refresh, isn't it? :P

Excellent, looking forward to what happens next

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Great work! I am your watcher. I favourited it. I always come to your page. Thank you for your contributions to our size community! I want to invite you to join my Giantess Discord Chat Room with over 5,200 Members at and my TheGiantessLovers Deviantart Group at

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