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Domina's Valley 26 Preview on Patreon

By bmtbguy
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This is also Eden's sin. (And Giselle's sin is envy :P)

I'm testing this Patreon thing and it is kinda working, so, for those who are giving me an extra help I'm uploading a mini preview of the story.

For those who prefer to wait I respect and understand. Release will be next month and I hope you guys can enjoy it ^^.


Some of you will hate me for this, some of you will understand me the same way I now understand other storytellers, some will like it.

In the end all I wish is to you enjoy it as much as I'm enjoying creating it in a more impulsive way, or is it organic?

Take your conclusions.

Happy weekend to you all.

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I know you said alot of the last growths weren't permanent but can you pleeeease at least make edens bust growth stay (or more...)

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Will Natalie make her return and grow in this chapter?

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Welcome back, Eden. I really missed them, uh, you. ;-)

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When will you upload first chapter of cheap trics4 on

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Next weekend general upload.

GTSartists takes a little more time until release because it depends on manual liberation.

I'll probably schedule upload in all sites while creating the site page and uploading at Giantesscity.

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Yes! Can't wait to see them back in action

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