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Domina's Valley 25 - Standard Edition

Domina's Valley 25 - Eternal Lust
©Tales From Domina's Valley | Part FOUR - Spicy Spring

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The Moonlight Spring Ball continues, as Joy grows women to heights and proportions only in our dreams, defying the laws of physics and maybe even ethics.
As their size and Joy’s tricks become more noticeable, even to those under her enchantment, we see a desperate alliance forming... just for them to be tricked again!

This is the end for a new beginning, but is it for the Giantess Dream or
an eternal night of lust?

SlowGrowth, FastGrowth, BreastExpansion, ButtEspansion, MiniGts, Giantess, Comparison, ShortMen, TallGirl, TallWoman, HugeBreasts, HugeAss, SM.
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Will there be more chapter of Domina valley

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Yes. But not anytime soon

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How do i buy it on this page here?

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You must access the desktop version of the site and click the download link selecting Premium.


Sure, you need to buy the points for that too.

Or you can go to my site and get it there:

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Fantástico, como sempre! Parabéns!! :)
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This is hands down the best chapter. If you are on the fence on whether or not you should buy it, buy it twice!
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Wow, thanks for that ^^
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nice, big good work, i like sex with giantess :D

Will Vivian become the biggest one day?

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I had an Idea once, not sure, but I don't think so...
I hope you'll reconsider it :)
As previously stated i love this chapter, actually its prob one of my favs out of the last 3 or 4 chapters.

That being said i did have some critiques that might help moving forward some of which i realized after reading some of ur comments.

Prob the main thing i felt was missing was other than 2 or 3 characters it seemed like our main girls didnt really get to compare with each other. Would of loved to see monique see Jessy towering over her in story. Or Victory see that she was no longer the tallest in her family with Tina now looking down on her. Or best of all Alice realizing after all her growth she is still tiny compared to Mandy, Giselle and Jessy.

Also i hope based of ur comments that when u do return you go to smaller chapters. Ive commented on this in the past but u mentioned how the back half of this chapter wasnt as fun for u as the first half and honestly it kinda shows. Things seemed a touch rushed especially with Veronica and her back and fourth. I would of prefered more time with her and less with side characters like Electra or Nicole. Those characters can be fun but not at the expense of Veronicas growth being an instant change. I think shorter chapters(maybe 200 max) would not only help u manage stress but also give ur fans at least a lil bit more frequent updates. I felt the first half and the final 50-75 frames were the best part of the chapter by far. Just a bit of filler in the middle.

I hope after the break we get some sort of DV/CT combo. I love that Lil Van might finally have some challengers in size. Its time for a new queen/goddess. Would love to learn more about Mandy as well, seein is as u have obviously BIG plans for her. Maybe cut the girls from the opposing volleyball team to trim the lineup down some or they can hav3 a side quest.

Again i love ur work though so i dont want u to think that it goes unappreciated. I just prey a good potion of the growth sticks because it should to make it matter!

Enjoy ur break! I look forward to what u have in store for us next and look forward to u seeing ur thoughts on my feedback 😊
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Making a final chapter is complicated, having a deity alike nymph inducing them into a trance is a crazy decision, but that's me, I write what I feel is the best. Also, the bad girl trying to prank everyone in a ball is a cliché, and the old draft was too outdated, so , i think this chapter is like many last chapters, the best one can do and a little mess, hehe.

Problem is that these last 2 chapters had a story to tell, and that's very hard. I have this thing of "epic endings", but I know that they suck but, story needs to be told... and since this was a challenge and an expression of all my wishes inside a story, I feel that I accomplished my objective. Perfect ending? Probably not, I feel that nothing ends perfectly, and me deciding to reveal Joy a the end was a thing that I took more than 6 months to decide, it was decided in the last 2 weeks.

But you're right, shorter more objective chapters might help me solving this, I miss that simplicity I had in the beginning, I feel also that many other series have the same problem where the plot grows so much it loses its most important aspect...

I have a little work ahead with the universe unification, this may even help bringing some extra spice to the plot. For Vanessa, I think she should retire for a while, lol, something she kinda did and didn't in this last season, this is the problem of a loose plot just for fun comic, hehe, but her destiny is decided for the beginning of the new season, then I might make a zero chapter before to explain stuff but there's a long way ahead for growing the seeds of season 4.

The girls from the volley team are, well, part of the universe, so, I may not cut them, they are support cast after all, they are part of the history background.

Anyway, thanks for the considerations, I enjoy talking about this, it helps me to polish better next chapters. I see big things in the future, let's hope for the best.

Im sure no matter what i will find enjoyment in what comes next. My least favorite chapters of ur stories are still amoung my favorite things to read!

I like the idea of Vanessa to go on a break or if she had to go on a trip and someone like Veronica or Mandy Stole Big Tony for a bit, that is if the stories/characters were to become combined. Or even just a shuffling of the characters for a season or what not.

I know everone has their favorites and background characters need to help flesh out the world but i guess for me some of the side characters, particularly the other volleyball team just haven't won me over so when time gets spent on them vs. the other 8 or so Main DV girls id rather see expanded upon. But then again all of a sudden i care about Mandy, probably because u made her so good looking ane tall!

Biggest issue was feeling a lil shorted on time with Veronica for me. There was anout 50-100 pages i would of rather gone to more of her growth vs characters that are further down the chain of importance. I would of rather those characters get instant growth or offscreen growth (keeping them part of the story) but giving ur efforts of fun/story telling to the main cast members!
This chapter was great! Totaly worth the wait! U definitely deserve a break after this but i will definitely miss for the time being seeing ur work! So hopefully the break isnt forever as some great artist have disappeared over the years 😕😥
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I just need some rest, lol.

Thanks for the support.
Get some you deserve it!

Fantastic chapter, your new effects are amazing and very clever in terms of story, they perfectly suits

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Thank you!

It's nice to hear that ^^
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Good work but I like the previous chapter more because I thought Veronica will have lots of growth and expansion but it was disappointing, she is a goddess, I hope to see more growth for her in the future, thanks!
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Unfortunately for Veronica's fans, the plots has to flow the way it has to flow.

Like Vanessa, Becca and Rachel are the Titans of their seasons, Jessy, Alice, Giselle had their seasons. 

Remember that like Karina, Veronica is a key character, she won't be the biggest unless the plot asks for it.

Unfortunately, like in real life, key characters hardly reach the top...
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