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Domina's Valley 24 - Standard Edition

By bmtbguy
Domina's Valley 24 - Ballad of Joy
©Tales From Domina's Valley | Part FOUR - Spicy Spring

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Characters: Most of the cast
Main Stars: Depends of the POV but, Jessy, Destiny, Electra, Jana, Alice and Mandy have a lot of stage time
Secondary: The rest of the crew

At the end of Spring, a special event happens on Domina's Valley Campus: The Annual Moonlight Spring Ball.
Needless to say this is a night awaited by all students and probably for all the readers of Domina's Valley Series as well, for this is the beginning of the end of this first arc of the series. Don't despair - Nothing like a fantasy ball wouldn't bring you like delicious fantasies, mysteries of the past being revealed, and, guess what, lots of growing women!

SlowGrowth, FastGrowth, BreastExpansion, ButtExpansion, MiniGts, Giantess, Comparison, ShortMen, TallGirl, TallWoman, HugeBreasts, HugeAss, SM.
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A height chart it has been 2 months

justwatchin94's avatar

will there be height chart?

bmtbguy's avatar
Not at this chapter.
Just read it. Wanted to ask are people from CT in the Same universe as DV girls ?
Or are their regular appearances just used for humor ?
bmtbguy's avatar
They weren't.
Some appearances were just to fill in, some were special participation (non canon) but I'm going to unify the universes for the next seasons.

Will you be creating a height chart for this latest chapter?

bmtbguy's avatar
Not yet, that night is not over.
GUARDSMEN83's avatar
bought this as fast i could so worth the wait thanks BMT

Great work, you realising releasing the height chart want any time soon?

bmtbguy's avatar
The night is not over yet, so no hc for now...
Destiny became my favorite character her growth was incredible one of my favorites ever glad I got to see that
bmtbguy's avatar
Destiny milf queen, hehe
GiantessWorld's avatar
yes, she needs more growth ;)
Just my 2 cent


not going to lie I got worried we wouldn't get more than boob growth in this chapter but. Boy did the wait pay off

It seemed in a previous reply that the growth may not be permanent but it absolutely needs to be!

I beg of you to let us at least get a glimpse of what Andrew and Alice get up to with their new found sizes!! I'm sure we all would love to see!

GROW DESTINY AND JESSY GROW! I want jessy to catch her rivals so bad and I hope joy doesn't notice she has already grown! Was joy supposed to grow her b4 she left/got distracted?

I'm super looking forward to the next one tho I do wish for a mid party height chart. Will the next chapter at least have the main. Characters get close enough to compare?

Great work my friend! Glad I was able to buy the plus to support our efforts! I hope you get some rest n am happy to hear our next wait might not be as long!
bmtbguy's avatar
Hum... Well, it would surely be amusing seeing Alice and Andrew play around, I actually had more of them in the old scripts, it is unfortunate I have a limited number of renders to do so, then, this was my way of making some justice to them.

Jessy and Tyson are kinda part of her being released, so I wouldn't say she want to play with them in person, but, can't tell if anything will happen.

Unfortunately no HC because it is not done yet...

Thanks for the support ^^
I'll be back to chap 25 as soon I fix some stuff and have some rest.
GiantessWorld's avatar
Excellent, all women must grow, Destiny is an amazing Mom, she needs to have huge growth spurts ;)
Where was Veronica? I want to see her grow bigger and hotter too ^_^
bmtbguy's avatar
Veronica is enjoying the party in the corner in a conversation with Miss Domina and Marcella.

I'm the last renders show her face a bit concerned that something weird was going on, next chapter she will need to act.
GiantessWorld's avatar
I hope she has a huge growth spurt too, she must grow tor become the tallest one with huge boobs and booty ^_^
I just went back to see that page! Omg I can't wait to see her Act! She looks amazing already I love her outfit.

My dude, take a bow. This has to be in your top 3 best works overall not just Domia's Valley. Excellent freaking issue.

bmtbguy's avatar
Thank you ^^
More to come soon.
biggybif's avatar

Oh my goodness, so much unexpected growths for both genders and characters, along with the large amounts of growth.

Andrew and Alice is now such an amazing couple. Would love to see them next chapter and how everyone reacts to each other's growth + more growth :)?

Such an amazing job, bmtbguy!

bmtbguy's avatar
Thank you ^^

Well, IDK about comparing themselves though someone else will notice it but, yeah, wait for more growth next chapter, hehe.
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