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Domina's Valley 21

By bmtbguy

Domina's Valley 21 - Praise to the Moon
©Tales From Domina's Valley | Part FOUR - Spicy Spring

Price: U$D 8.00

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Main Stars: Jessy, Veronica, Patricia, Peter Tyson.
Secondary: Giselle, Electra, Vivian, Monique, Andrew, Vivian.

After meeting Jessy at the Spring Corner, Professor Tyson has a more than enjoyable evening, while at the same time Veronica and Patricia try to awaken the Goddess' essence, only to find out that someone else has summoned the Goddess already (in a night that betrayal is the least unexpected thing to happen), but can you truly betray a Goddess?

Will students trick their masters and get away with it?

In this chapter, we will witness the extent of the Goddess of Growth's powers in a game where words are powerful but knowledge is supreme.
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I bought DV21 but I haven't had the time to read it. I've been a fan since your series started on I had over 800 points in my account and I didn't even know it was there. I got DV21 b/c I'm familiar with your free series but the DV stuff didn't appeal to me. I believe that when you treat a woman like a goddess, you set yourself up for failure. Women don't want someone who will worship them. They want someone who will set boundaries for them and won't put up wth their crap. DV is a diversion and it has some interest for me. 
bmtbguy's avatar
Thanks for the support :)
Well, that's a fetish comic, just a fantasy that a lot of men have, most of the time when we're naive but, I must admit, I enjoy diving into this subject.
In real life stuff is just "weird", I mean, I can't add an exact description here because every woman works in a different "way".
It's kinda sad. 21 chapters in Peter is still clueless, Jessy is still a bitch, Giselle is now somewhat a bitch, Veronica is still scheming, Vivian is still grumpy. The rest are just NPCs. I wish there was another layer to at least a few characters. Patricia was in the spotlight but blew it too fast.

Basically, there's always a promise of a plot, but in the end, it's just growing. At least there's always CT and Vanessa =)
I would like to see a VR-3D (Cardboard, Galaxy VR) of you. Is not that interesting for you too? Cheap Tricks or Domina's Valley in VR-3D (Cardboard, Galaxy VR)
... the madness! ;-) greetings
bmtbguy's avatar
It would be great but most of the assets used in 3D stories have a user agreement that avoids us to replicate the 3D meshes, deformers, and textures for other devices to render them, I mean, only studios that produce and own 100% of their assets can do this and, to me licencing it would be impossible due to the low profit of what we do vs the dozens of thousand dollars for licencing everything it for each issue.
All we can do is an immersive experience in 360 in iRay, stuff I can't do either because the video card that can do that is way to expensive and the time for making it is enormous, also, 100% of the environment must be planned, extending the work in at least 3 times.

Impossible for the next years...
GiantessWorld's avatar
Veronica is the best, she is a true goddess which need outgrow everyone.
amel1995's avatar
When you're 40 points shy of buying it :(
I hope to see Nicole grow much next chapter. Take your time and get some rest. Then come back with new chapter of CT!! Thank you for your fantastic work again.
BurgerBell's avatar
I'm not much of Jessy's fan, so I usually skip her scenes to see other girls like Eden, Jana, Alice(would love to see more of these three), Giselle or Veronica but otherwise in overall I did enjoy reading this chapter. Keep up the good work!
Jyminish-Comics's avatar
Good job, that was cool :) I'm sad that there was no shrinking in this one but I liked it. Waiting for the continuation =)
biggybif's avatar shrinking? Did you read the correct chapter?
DragoonGTS's avatar
I think he meant smaller than normal human shrinking...
HbK2's avatar
Will the next story you'll be working on be the next Ch in Cheap Tricks?
bmtbguy's avatar
Yes. I just need time for finishing the extra assets for dv and take care of some stuff irl and then CT.
My guess is that the next chapter of Cheap Tricks will be out in July or August...maybe sooner if we're lucky, but probably not. I actually like Cheap Tricks better than Domina's Valley myself, and not because it's free.
Bought it, love it.

I don´t really like Patricia so I am really happy that her plan backfired :D Go Giselle!
Looking forward to some true Giantess Sized Girls.
Jyminish-Comics's avatar
Top right of the page ;)
Simply the best there is!
Such an awesome chapter! Only complaint is i wish we had had more jessy and tyson time or in replace of more a scene where tyson and veronica hooked up at her place snd grew even more! So happy veronica is bigger than Gisele. Just want Tyson to end up with Verinica or jessy n grow them huge!!!
bmtbguy's avatar
I had Veronica hitting Tyson in an old plotline but, while writing the story I've found that it was getting weird he "dating" many professors and students, then he had to skip her...
Never to late for him now lol. After he has kinda started bouncing from girl to girl after him and Giselle split i would expect him to end ul with veronica because she has seemed to always have a soft spot for him
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