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Domina's Valley 20 - Spring's Breeze

By bmtbguy
Domina's Valley 20 - Spring's Breeze
©Tales From Domina's Valley | Part FOUR - Spicy Spring

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Main Stars: Peter Tyson, Ysadora, Veronica, Jana, Vivian, Eden, Candy.
Secondary: Monique, Alex, Jessy, Mr. Gordon, Giselle.

One week later, the freshness of Spring dominates the air in Domina's Valley.

Peter Tyson receives a more than special guest at his house and, after enjoying a wonderful evening, they find out what is missing for releasing the Goddess' power.

After that, the witch huntresses go on a secret mission disguised as a tour with their work colleagues to another special place down south, a place where the Spring's Breeze is so intense that it could intoxicate people's minds. And grow hotter beauties!

The line that divides the witch huntresses from witches is beginning to blur, while new secrets and taller boobs begin to show that, maybe, there is no line at all.
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mattvaigns's avatar
Can't believe this dropped weeks ago and I hadn't noticed.

Always a pleasure, though!
bmtbguy's avatar
Thanks :)

Yes, this one was pretty fast ;P
Artnico's avatar
Hi !
I've bought DV #20 and loved it as always.
The women are still incredibly sexy and the story is very interesting.
I'm just  still waiting to see Jessy or Miss Domina (or any another women of DV) use their colossal body and strength to do some feat of incredible strength like car lifting or kind of stuff.
Thank you very much for your awesome artwork.
bmtbguy's avatar
Thanks :) 

Well, they use to lift smaller girls like in chapters 6, 11 and 14 but I'm not sure a way they could show more their strength :S

Maybe when they get a bit larger...
Artnico's avatar
With her size, her weight and her muscular body, I think Miss Domina could easily lift the back of a car...
Please, tell me you will consider this request in a future update...Please Please Please 
bmtbguy's avatar
I can't promise, I'm still studying the interaction between them, maybe I can try this in a specific situation, nothing in mind yet.
Artnico's avatar
Ok, I understand. Maybe in a bonus ?
bmtbguy's avatar
Big-ELSA's avatar
really great work as always ;-) 
However i wish Veronica have the huge growth spurt next times , She must outgrow the Miss Domina too , Veronica is the best :hug:
bmtbguy's avatar
Thanks :) 

Next chapter Veronica will have a lot of fun. Actually, we are going to have fun, that is serious business to her.
Big-ELSA's avatar
 Hug 2 Never Snow Party Pleased 
thank you so much , she must grows in every chapter till she became as big as Vanessa ;-)
slowgrowth's avatar
Not my fav but very good chap !!!!!!!!!!

I can t wait to see what kind of huge heels Giselle wil put on....
bmtbguy's avatar
She got a lot of love last chapters, let's grow a couple of girls before pumping Giselle's boobs even taller ;P
slowgrowth's avatar
And i have to admit, Jana is my news fav girl....The script about her is very good !
I cant wait to see her in heels, please (Wedge Heels especially haha !)
minionofgruumsh's avatar
Every time that drain necklace of Patricia's comes up, where the target ends up bigger in whatever was taken than before, my mind starts racing with ideas of how she could end up in a group of girls who use her power to make everyone (including Patricia) bigger and bigger.  ((Since if the group is big enough, what she gets from everyone would be enough to keep up with or stay ahead of everyone else even though they get back more than what was taken from them.))

Keep up the good work!
bmtbguy's avatar
Yes, I thought of it last years too, unfortunately, there is a problem: the Winter's Hearth is a corrupted relic, it cant be fully controlled, it has a weird behavior and a semi-conscious mind and, if we go straight into your supposition, that would be a 100% win scenario because they would control it while the other girls grow more "naturally", and we need about 50% win/fail rate. Chapter 21 or 22 would be the chapters I would explore it but, I'm reworking this special part of the story in order to fit the rest of the plot.
is there another payment method? DeviantArt says that Paypal transfers take days to reflect, I can't wait not now that I know that Vivian is getting taller at last ):
Honestly my favorite chapter of yours. It was so nice having the witch hunters finally grow a bit. Lets hope they continue! Im also curious to know what role Janas necklace will play in the next chapter or future ones. Also seeing from your replies, I absolutley can't wait for the next chapter seeing that Jessy and the witch hunters will all be there for some sort of growth ;) and seeing how Veronica unleashes the power
bmtbguy's avatar
Thanks :)

All you said is in store but, I have a ton o stuff to rework in the next chapter, how unfortunate I have only about 300 renders to tell it...
CallipygianZ's avatar
I definitely enjoy seeing the girls like Vivian and Natalie catch up
bmtbguy's avatar
Vivian is far from catching them up, I just see her as the main villainess and, for that, she doesn't need to be most powerful to be the most formidable.
Never clicked with DV the way I have with CT, but I bought it anyway as usual, it's the least I can do. Regardless, I can still appreciate the love and passion that goes into these chapters, amazing job! Every chapter feels so vibrant when it comes to DV!

Now the exciting wait for CT. I'm sure as hell hoping we'll see Jessica's birthday in the next chapter.
bmtbguy's avatar
Thanks for your support :)

I like a lot doing DV, it's my first story planned to be a proper long story, different from Cheap Tricks that begin as simple as it could be and I went just writing and rendering.
I'll be back at CT as soon as I do some real life stuff, I promise.
No problem, happy to do so. :)

No rush with CT, take your time, real life matters the most!

Also, if you don't mind me asking: Which do you personally enjoy creating chapters for more, DV or CT?
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