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Domina's Valley 19 - Love and Lust

By bmtbguy
Domina's Valley 19 - Love & Lust
©Tales From Domina's Valley | Part FOUR - Spicy Spring

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Winter is reluctantly leaving Domina's Valley and Tyson's daydreams.

With Spring's arrival, Tyson's dreams will be dominated by another kind of Goddess, the one who makes flowers bloom,  love wishes come true and young students grows into super hot giantesses.

Jessy is beginning to realize things are getting out of hand: what could have been making them grow so much in such a short time while she stays at the same height? Will she believe that Love and Lust could make them grow?

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Domina's Valley 19 - Height chart by bmtbguy
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Jeez, when Jessy eventually grows for real it's going to be... epic? Explosive? I bet it'll be great.
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I wouldn't say epic, maybe magic. Can't explain it right now, you will need to see it yourself.
A bit confused, Can someone summarize for me why Jessy did not grow?
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Maybe it is not clear to everybody yet, she has a block, despite her last spurt was on chapter 10 when she visited the natural pool, nothing else could make her grow since then.

Fun fact: she was the ONLY girl that didn't shrink or grow in height when Patricia used her necklace.
From what i understand, the vision in chapter 16, the witch or sorceress is veronica, the queen is Giselle and Rose is Jessy? The girl maybe Patricia
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The High Priestess (or sorceress), the 2nd in the Amazon's hierarchy, was pictured by having Veronica's face early in the story, the Goddess has no face BUT she is pictured by Jessy's face by *story reasons*, the Goddes has no body but Tyson has a fixation for Jessy, the Amazon Queen is really pictured by Giselle and Winter Rose is, well, not Patricia :P
Thank for the reply, great story by the way
I was under the impression Rose was Eden, but I only thought that cause their character model looked like it was the same, maybe I've been thinking of the story all wrong...
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Great one! I'd love to see a classroom scene, just like Giselle said "if i'm able to get in there now"
Man that's pure teasing!
Such a great chapter. Really looking forward to Jessy in the upcoming chapters. By the looks of it, she will get a ton of attention soon. Shame that the witch hunters didn't pop up this time around (I like to root for the underdogs :evillaugh: ) Hopefully we get to see them in the next chapter!
Can you say abs!!!!! 😁 Great chapter. Love the muscles. First scene with Marcella is truly a guys dream come true. Giselle is just....well...WOW. There's just nothing else you can say. Lol. Looks like a great setup for the next chapter. Carry on. 😉
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Jessy will be Jessy but something will be different.
The witch hunters might be in the next chapter, I have at least 4 big scenes with them in the next chapters, hopefully, they'll be in every chapter until chapter 24.
Hmm, chapter 25 would start a new section/season; so I'm wondering what's going to happen to the Witch Hunters. Do they join the rest of the DV girls and thus are no longer Witch Hunters?
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The point is, when we fight something we hate, sometimes, we become something worse, what is good if we're talking about girls growing :P

Marcella really looked good in this chapter. I don't think she ever rated as one of my favorite characters but her ab development and other changes were quite appealing. Her changes made her look more like Miss Domina but the breast growth sort of surprised me since I would put Ysadora more in the big butt category. Is this a nod to what Patricia was saying in the last chapter? The power of breasts and how she can possibly/potentially change Vivian?

I'm going to miss Rose...and her VERY big boobies! ;-)

Alice and her foot of growth was amazing. The dialogue seemed to suggest that those who experienced significant growth last time would do so again this time; but, per the title, Alice has been in one of the longest (loving and lust) relationships in the story; so I'm wondering which factor is greater: past growth vs love & lust. The way Andrew acts when Alice isn't around, I'm surprised he hasn't caused more girls to grow (re: the power of lust).

Domina's Heights was mentioned; so when are we going to get a tour?

Slight quibble: there were some pronoun issues going on like referring to Alice's thong as "his"; it happened with other female characters elsewhere as well.

Tyson needs a girlfriend. Although, he was well within his rights as an educator to discipline Alice and Andrew, it seemed somewhat prudish and hypocritical based on his past actions with Giselle. I like how Veronica reminded him of his past behavior.

Tyson was dreaming of Jessy being a giantess and having her ass in his face and that wasn't enough to cause some sort of growth?

Liked the flashback when Jessy towered over Giselle and how it contrasted with their present dimensions.

Any reason why Tyson's encounter with Giselle caused him to see the Goddess and not the Amazon Queen? And is she the Goddess that Veronica is looking for? It sounds like the Goddess is saying Veronica betrayed she doing that by using the jewel on the Domina girls?

Again, the Goddess states that she's whoever Tyson dreams, loves and desires while he's with Giselle; so I'm guessing she doesn't mean this literally, especially since she looks more like Jessy than any other character. Or is Tyson more focused on Jessy than the scene with Giselle would suggest?

Love empowers but lust is the ultimate power...I'm confused by what the Goddess is trying to tell the Warrior. She notes there's a difference between the two but then notes they're the keys for the ideal relationship. Is she foreshadowing that, like Marcella and Harrison, more couples are going to be formed in this season of DV? Does this mean Alex will finally choose from his co-workers?

The Goddess suggested that having a man between an Amazon's thighs was the natural order of things but then noted how things have become unbalanced and they will now grow bigger. What is the eternal growth spiral? Why couldn't she feel all the lust before? How *soon* will all women have "this power"? "And the growth will never stop"!?! Is she serious or talking hyperbolic?

Tyson just helped Giselle grow, did she really have to tell him that he would never touch her giant boobs again?

I like how Jessy's phoenix shirt coincided with her rising like a phoenix. Normally, I'm team Giselle but her attitude needs a little adjusting, so come on Jessy use all the weapons you have!

Now that characters are growing a foot in a single chapter and unlimited growth is possibly on the table I look forward to Eden growing and heck, even Vivian joining the fray.
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Nah, Patricia was all about keeping her "team" together, Vivian is a tool. A dangerous one...
Alice is a, well, phenomenon, longest legs for legs lovers.
You spotted a spoiler :P
Tyson is under many influences since he came to DV, the daydreaming happened before and it will still happen, that is not under his control, also, the Amazon Queen is something like a flashback, the Goddess defies reality.
Amazons of DV were not simply superior in size or beauty, men were crazy for them, then lust.
Hum... Alex's life is a fortunate one but, I'm not sure who is going to date him, I mean, he likes Monique and men is a kind of rare there... who knows it?
Until autum she was imprisoned and thirsty, in winter she was drained, only during spring she blooms ;) About limits, well, she's a freaking Goddess of growth she sees no limit.
Giselle was being a girl, we never understand them, and yep, I've been through something this strange.
I planning to do stuff, that's all I can tell you ;)
Thanks for the response, bmtbguy, I always appreciate the insight(s) into your work even though I know you can't tell me everything.
Just bought this! Alice is just wow, great work btw and thanks
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You're welcome :)
So much legs...
When will height chart be released?
New favorite: Marcella. (After Jessica of course)
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That's what Spring does to flowers like Marcella ;)
That was an amazing chapter! Great work
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