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Domina's Valley 18 - Valens' Charm

By bmtbguy
Domina's Valley 18 - Valens' Charm
©Tales From Domina's Valley | Part THREE - Tropical Winter

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Tyson experiences one of the best days of his life, engaged in intense sex with his newly grown Amazon Queen, suddenly a crisis begins, all related to Jessy's disappearance.

Weeks later, Professor Stanley Widefield gathers the courage to tell Tyson the truth but, which truth is that?
Meanwhile, a pattern is found, it is the Valens' Charm! It affects men awareness of reality depending of how tall and hot a nearby girl is, a knowledge Patricia readily shares with Vivian, who was having problems with Jana's Mounds wrecking clothes due to their size.

Then Eden shows up and, like an enigma, she looks to be aware of the Valens' Charm and of more things than she should, possessing even more powers than her two extremely large and firm breasts.

That's scary, I mean, what could be more powerful than Eden's enormous tits?
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Looking back, Im a bit confused as to what jewelry Patricia is holding for Veronica when she seemed demanded for her originals to be brought back since so far we've seen the earrings, the goddess necklace, and the vampire necklace and Veronica has 1 and (I think) the earrings. Are there others that haven't been shown to us that? Hopefully they're shown in the chapter 20 (if Patricia comes through)
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Originals from the "Valens' Charm" article, not the necklace.
There are a couple of special jewelry in the series, they will be known in the right moment.

Also, Patricia will show up in the next chapter.
Ohh I see... thanks for the clarification. Now I can't wait to see the next chapter. Hopefully the witch hunters can turn their luck around now!
When I download your file. I can read them but I have to open one page at a time.  Click open and read tends to be long and you can't really notice any growth changes the way I'm reading. Is there an app or like a file I can download that could help me like read/watch your stories?
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Are you on a smartphone or tablet? Well, sometimes smartphones are not fast enough for it unless you have an app that supports slideshow or something like that, I'm not aware of anything like this because I don't browse much stuff on my phone...
Oh I mean't on a P.C I was wondering if there was something I can use to watch your files. Can't see any sequences of growth when you open one page at a time. But man it's like i have the file but it's to long to open one page at a time. Any suggestions for PC?
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Sure, windows Vista or newer I think, you can select all the pictures, right click the first one and open it. It will show a window with the first picture, then you click "slideshow". Now you can use the arrows left and right for going through them real fast. Not sure if it works in XP, I don't use XP in a long time...
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I just bought it and loved it as all the previous chapters. I can't stop getting into this awesome story ! I'm so impatient looking for the next chapter, wishing there will be some nice amazons feat of strength.
Also I was wondering when the next cheap tricks is and I was gonna say I'm hoping for karina to grow massive
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No release date, I'm busy with personal stuff atm, I only have one scene assembled.
Bmt guy are you even gonna continue "Jessy, get ready for a new story?
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That was an essay, I was studying a concept for Domina's Valley, then Domina's Valley is the natural "continuation" of that.
bravo sir!!!  This comic is so unbelievably perfect, cannot wait for more!
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Great chapter!! i found it strange that patricia wasn't shown at all throughout the chapter, I have a feeling shes been doing "things" to herself with the stuff she's holding. Seriously can't wait for the next chapter! Really wan't to see Vivian (and possibly Jessy) grow! And see if their plan to take the necklace before the spring time comes actually falls through
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Yep, I had to put Pat on the phone, she had to "do damage" being far from them, I mean, she's feeling like a Goddess now, she is way too hot compared to how she was before and YES she in doing stuff.

I want to begin Spring ASAP too but, there's a chapter of Cheap Tricks waiting for me.
Damn REALLY want to see how she looks now! Hope whatever she does with Vivian works out too! Can't wait
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Where can i buy this chapter
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Here, at this exact, on the right side, you have the purchase button. In my site you have the purchase guide:…

I recommend you to use a desktop browser for purchasing.

If you have problems downloading it send me a note and I can help you.
Thank you for the great comic! Interesting plot twist! Leaves us wanting more... Hope Eden is like the garden and grows in the spring!!!
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She will grow, a lot hehe
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260 points away and I could buy it DAMN IT!
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is there other place to buy it other than here ?
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