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Domina's Valley 17 - Suspicious Reflections

By bmtbguy
Domina's Valley 17 - Suspicious Reflections
©Tales From Domina's Valley | Part THREE - Tropical Winter

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After a long week making more necklaces to hide her real objective, Veronica is back in her quest to find the Goddess' host, growing any girl from Domina's Valley who wears the Goddess Mark, and even some that are only near it!

In the meantime, Patricia uses her improved mind for a perfect plan to take the Goddess Mark for herself using the desperate Vivian in the process by lying and manipulating people. What could grow, I mean, go wrong?

She didn't suspect the necklaces were already manipulating her for some BIGGER purposes.

All they will find are reflections of their choices, reflections of their desires and, hopefully, reflections showing their own future.

Largest chapter again, 314 pictures of "plot", including one of my favorites BE scenes with the sweetest girl of the story, size transference/body stealing, soft body enhancing (strength/muscle and legs length) and a lot of teasing from Jessy and Giselle. To the 8 foot mark here we grow, girls!
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Artnico's avatar
I just finished reading DV 17 and the only thing I can say is AWESOME ! I really love your art and the way you're modeling tall and sexy amazon women.
My favorite ones are Miss Domina and of course Jessy because of their both curvy and muscled body.
In this chapter we saw Jessy using her increadible and tremendous strength by lifting heavy weight and making a throat lift.
When will you finally show Jessy or Miss Domina lifting a car, like this big Range Rover we see at the end of the story ? It would be my best wish for the future update.
Anyway, many thanks for your great work.
bmtbguy's avatar
Thanks :)
Miss domina could lift that car easily, I'm not sure about Jessy but she is also suspiciously too strong to a mere tall girl with a huge ass, I mean, she lifted a couple of girls with an impressive ease.
I'm still looking for a chance to them show their strength but I'm so much into the comparison and growth that I simply forget to use the opportunities. 

*ps. Translate your girl's text or put it in the Deviation info so we can put it in Google Translate. I don't speak French and even speaking 3 languages it's hard to me to guess the meaning. Do another ones, it looks good.
Artnico's avatar
Thank you very much for considering my little request. I stay tuned for the next  chapter of your exciting story.
On my part, I will try to translate my girl's text.
i like thanks
I like thanks
bmtbguy's avatar
you're welcome :)
ikillyoulol1234's avatar
We need another chapter, right away. Lol
bmtbguy's avatar
Well, I wanted it too but, it's life...
johnpaul468's avatar
 hey it's a great chapter as always, I was wondering if Jessy is going to the top again or at least be level with the girls anytime soon?
bmtbguy's avatar
Eventually she is going to grow. How much? Only the plot development is going tell us.
johnpaul468's avatar
ok, and another quick question, is she going to grow, or at least her muscles since her size was stolen?
and please give her the necklace back, she has fallen badly :(
bmtbguy's avatar
That only the plot will tell us. But something is going to happen with Jessy next chap ;)
GaShinobi's avatar
There was a few things that I have noticed in your development of this comic. Everything just gets better and better. You should do another Volleyball match against those other girls and show how much their height now dominates over the other girls from the other team.
GaShinobi's avatar
Cool. Glad I can help. Sometimes it's nice to have a fresh set of eyes look at stuff. They can help you see something you didn't see at first. Also too, boobs and squirt to me are the best of all your characters in dv. Squirt is a curveball I was not expecting to grow. One thing I have noticed is she has not drained anything from Giselle, ms domina's sister, Eden, or the short big boobed girl. Is there a reason for that?
bmtbguy's avatar
Maybe. Actually there is a comeback in the "base timeline" that I need to place in the story.
Loved the chapter!! Amazing work once again :). Few questions:
1. This chapter really seemed to be focused on Jana in a way. Will she grow again in the next chapter? Will Veronica give the necklace back to her?
2. It almost seems like you cut out a growth sequence from Patricia at the end. Will this continue on to the next chapter? And will Jessy have a growth spurt?
3. How will the story continue on from here now? Will the Big City play a role soon?
bmtbguy's avatar
Well, she is the biggest surprise of the chapter, I mean, she shouldn't even grow at all in the original story line, then in the last chapters, while developing the lore and reviewing the plot I decided to bring her to the growing girls team.
I don't think she will have it back but she was 1 of the 2 girls who grew boobs and height in a single use of the goddess mark, the other was Giselle, then, who knows the surprises sweet Jana has in tore for us :)
Patricia didn't grow, only got an huge orgasm and bigger ass and thighs. Whatever happens to her and Jessy is subject for the next chapter.
I have scripts only until chapter 20 and next 6 ones,19 to 24 happen in spring,will define a ton of things that I still need to plan, including the big city.
Thanks for the response! Can't wait to see what the future brings for Jana now! Now it's time for CT-12! :) I wish you good luck
XOTenshi's avatar
bought it, loved it. Nice plot... and backstory.
curvelicius's avatar
Nice work!! Is it available in spanish?? Becouse I'm from Argentina and I have some mistakes :P
bmtbguy's avatar
Unfortunately not, I discontinued the Spanish and Portuguese versions because of the sales numbers - the cost per product was horrible.
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