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Did you miss me?

By bmtbguy
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While on my dive into her cleavage, wait, I mean, into her character revision, I realized the emptiness that sometimes happens in this part of the process, 'cause it is a bit lonely and sad I can't just put them into action yet...

I understand that it might feel the same to some of you, if it was not the several angles and test I choose to render it would be, well, even worse.

I'm still wiring the plot, needless to say Marina has gotten not just the final looks for the next season but an interesting plot line I'm looking into.

Speaking of which, I wonder if it would interest you guys having at the kind of content laying around somewhere like, idk, Patreon maybe?
This time, after finishing, I did some renders with a little overlay so you can see what I see, take a look HERE… and tell me if it is worthy.

Best regards.
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Please let Marina drain the others height it be so good watching her grin and growth I mean her character does want power so a drainage power would be a nice trick for her! x

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Now that Marina is big enough that any guy looks tiny to her she'll be growing non-stop with her cheap trick

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As if she wasn't gorgeous enough already..... 😲

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I really hope in season 4 the girls will grow beyond limits. Especially audrey. I wanna see her getting so big that she can grab a whole house
bmtbguy's avatar

That's VEERY big... Ain't prepared for that.


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I need me some absolutely huge Marina. Like "Oh no, she's out of control" huge.

biggybif's avatar

yes, yes we absolutely do.

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I hope she gets a HUGE growth spurt in the next season. What's a antagonist if they don't pose a threat to the protagonist?

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Good point. Gotta fix next time, but the story won't develop for a time before I get some things done. I hope you like the new plot I'm weaving.

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I miss her!! I though she was going to be a challenge again at the end of Season 3. High hopes for Marina the Giantess in Season 4. (Grow lights + Phoebe milk haha)

bmtbguy's avatar

Her own cheap tricks are the key for her success. She is OP since always...

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It would be awesome to see her give Van a run for her money

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Alright, fess up, who zapped Marina with more of the growth lights

bmtbguy's avatar

This is her actual height. The guy is short...

blobbygobby's avatar

My bad then. Lol Shoulda known!

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She had that big spurt at the end of season 3, but not enough to overtake
blobbygobby's avatar

Right. She just seems way bigger than the spurt at the end made her. At least, to me.

Clonecamando1471's avatar

Even with heels, doing comparisons she looks quite a bit taller than she was at the end of season 3, although maybe the guy next to her is just small lol?

RomerRollyPolly's avatar
New character that is shorter than the rest
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We need to see Gisselle next tho those Characters have been overshadowed by vannesa . 😡😡

RomerRollyPolly's avatar
Oh yes we missed her. She was unfortunately a Pushover at the end of season 3, but she has returned!
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