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Da plot! Patreon Exclusive bonus.


Sometimes, I build random pieces to base future scripts, in the name of fun and checking stuff so I could write more accurately, something I didn't do for a long while. 

Last times I did this for real, were the Cheap Tricks 39 original scene and one of Domina's Valley 28 scenes: I wanted to compare, check assets height in order to ensure the flow of the scene and feel the scene, something that needs visual reference, and man, it feels good doing this just for fun...

At Patreon, I did a series of tests with Peter and Jessy talk to friends in opposite directions a couple of chapters ahead.

It came out very different to the draft idea that had Jessy crossing legs while Peter talk to his male students, far away.

It shows how much a script can change and improve when facing a "camera direction" so we can see it better. It is all about transmitting the feeling to the reader in a more enjoying manner.

I can't render it in the real scene due to spoilers but I built a similar one and I'm making a series of renders of a couple of poses in many POV's so we can check it.

Tier $2 patrons will see the standard version, Tier $5 will have the standard and the panties only version, plus, of course, the other downloads at my Patreon.

This is the last Patreon bonus before my break, I'm posting one or two renders per day until October 30th.

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Love the edit :).

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And ponder the question: "What If?"