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Crossover Series 1 (old series - nothing new)

Crossover Series 1 - Cheap Tricks & Tales From Domina's Valley - The Meeting

Price - U$D 3.00 = 240 points

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When all seems lost we must seek help, and that's what Giselle is trying, talking to an expert. There are 67 renders in the best style "Tony's Nightmares". This time, it is outdoors and with a story as controversial as other Cheap Tricks nightmares. 
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How do I purchase this??
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Buy points enough for your purchase…

Points can be bought via Credit Card with instant validation (buy and have the points in the same moment) or Paypal with a little delay in the point validation - a delay that can last a couple of minutes, hours or days depending of their payment processing system that, well, sometimes is really slow. 

Then go to the product page - example…

Click in the Purchase Button in the right side of the picture (you must be in a desktop computer or in a mobile browser compatible with desktop computer websites), accept the license and download the content.
Can we at least get a teaser for DV-15? :) If not then its alright
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Sure, why not. I'll prepare the render.
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Better, Time to work now :)
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any word on when the next Domina's Valley comes out?
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Not yet, I'm still posing it.
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any domina's valley updates? also, please say that Eden will be in the new chapter!!!!
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Sure, Eden will be there and it is in the final stages. But I'm sick and until I'm ok again cant finish the job, sorry.
Hope you feeling better! get well. I'm also hoping for something big from Eden in the future. Thank you
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Eden in the teaser ;)
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