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Cheap Tricks Shorts 1


A short animation showing the point of view of an average male witnessing a 26 feet tall (8 meters) topless giantess walking by him.

As promised, December 24. GMT at least, hehe.

This is my first try at animation based in a future plot point in Season 4 and is considered canonical.

Consider buying the downloadable full resolution version to contribute with my work:…

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Will Cheap Tricks season 4 be like this video or will it be like season 3 with pictures only?

bmtbguy's avatar

Standard Story with pictures

Great animation! Always love seeing Lil' Van in full motion 😁

Do a full movie

bmtbguy's avatar

I wish I could, lol...

XionZeros's avatar

Fav'ing this again because you totally deserve it for your hard work!!

potercolus's avatar

Marina and Natalie getting bigger - that's all I'm waiting for season 4. The video is perfect, just as your whole work. I am happy that you will made s4

Wooooooow that’s incredible

I would love to hear their voices. Sexxxxxxxxxyyyyy!

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Gotta find someone that accepts doing that, for a "porn-alike-series"...

So, it won't be simple, but I had thoughts of this in the past already.

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I wonder if we'll one day see animated growth scenes.

I've gotten quite used to flip-o-rama.

But there's a lot to look forward to.

bmtbguy's avatar

One day, maybe.

Good job :D. When could there be Chapter 1 of Season 4 of Cheap Trick ?

bmtbguy's avatar

No ETA yet, I'm messing with multiple things right now...

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CT Season 4... One of the best things I could read today! I hope Marina could manage to be a menace again this time. Your work is awesome as always, nice physics.

bmtbguy's avatar

Thank you.

As a "help-me-to-fix-the-universe" plot I have in mind we may not have any danger before I settle some things, but it doesn't mean old of new characters can't help turning that city upside down.

Great that this came back! I wonder if the city would build doors and buildings to fit giantesses now
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Yes. Plot point partially covered.

I purchased and i must say brovo my friend, I would definitely be interested in a story equivalent version of rhis if u were looking to continue to expand ur skills.

Maybe something 5-10 mins that could be a substitute for a chapter. Not sure how the dialog aspect would fit in but i love the idea of seeing a growth sequence with this level of detail! Would definitely pay for something like that
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I'm looking forward into it. Let's see how things develop here.

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You’ve come a long way dude

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Excellent work looks amazing!

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