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Cheap Tricks Shorts 1 - no preview...


A short animation showing the point of view of an average male witnessing a 26 feet tall (8 meters) topless giantess walking by him.

As promised, December 24. GMT at least, hehe.

This is my first try at animation based in a future plot point in Season 4 and is considered canonical.

Consider buying the downloadable full resolution version to contribute with my work:…

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XionZeros's avatar

I'm not sure why I didn't see this before my birthday six days ago, but this is one hell of a Christmas present!

That dude's better than me. I would have a heart attack and die from seeing that vision of heaven walking down my street up close and personal. LOL xD

ch1ir's avatar

Well this is the best thing to happen to me in the poop of a year 2020 has brought us, this really takes CT to a whole other world/level.

I am buying the HD version as we speak, I can't wait for more animations.

You truly are the best giantess content provider I have come across.

Ty for everything you create for the community

bmtbguy's avatar

Thanks for the support ^^

I'm happy you guys liked it.

ch1ir's avatar
Just purchased, best two smackeroos I've spent this year
dampdamp's avatar

It was only a few seconds but it was the best thing I have ever seen! Thank You!!

bmtbguy's avatar

You're welcome :D

Yes a new "Wishes for 2014" with a Giga growth would be the best thing to forget this 2020. I would indeed pay for it.

bmtbguy's avatar

Unfortunately all I will render for a while is stuff that comes handy, so, only a couple of new things like that will come out - only if it is part of a plot point.

zoilistbrian's avatar

I love the fact that the top of the block wall is at her knee level.

bmtbguy's avatar

Nice reference, hehe.

She hit that... I had to fix.

It is hard to be a Giantess in this town...

hannasbigboobs's avatar

Dude great work!!! Amazing!

MCRasengan's avatar

Simple, but amazing. Can't wait to see what else you do.

bmtbguy's avatar

Me too, me too...

I just a need a bit of time to improve it and deal better with timing.

TheMoleUK's avatar

Haha! And who can blame him!

Great work, thanks!

daftvader1996's avatar

Just imagine an animation of Audrey growing with audio 🤪

bmtbguy's avatar

Audio is a complicated thing...

I'm a noob at this yet, later I'll look for more resources, I pay for all I use or use free for commercial use stuff, gotta respect those who did those recordings I messed with.

daftvader1996's avatar

This is big. Well done.

bmtbguy's avatar
pepepelengas's avatar

finally vanessa left her little room

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