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Cheap Tricks, Heights and overtime at vacation

Okay, okay, you guys are making me do overtime while I'm on vacation! How dare you!

Haha, just kidding, I have fun doing these.

Long story short, I thought I had doors heights figured out when I resized the Dorm city escape to fit the height of Vanessas old house (in the picture, the one used in seasons 1 and 2) and was happily placing Vanessa actual house in it and test how could she enter the house while a little question begin haunting me: how tall is that door frame.

Well, I was finishing placing Vanessa's actual house in the scene, because I told you guys that despite of prioritizing rest and health (that is improving, still, not 100% yet) I'm testing some ideas while planting some seeds and cultivating plot monsters for the next seasons, and I had to stop because that thing was haunting me.

How tall is the fucking door? 

Considering the Universe unification this was a problem, I mean, DV classroom door is 7 feet-ish and there's a reason it is that height, but I needed a standard for the remaining door heights. After some research, I had the standard height of 6'8"ish here in Brazil and found out we have other sizes... mainly the 7 and 8 feet doors depending on the country, and, spoiler alert, I have a country myself to take care of on the universe unification, so...

Back to the drawing boards, I decided to make that house an 8 feet tall door. And resize the whole scene. And doing it 2 times again because I broke something in the scene more than once. Rage 

That may bring some complications in the short term but may help me to keep the giantess out of trouble too soon while establishing a country where doors are taller than average in some places for no reason while keeping some new building with shorter doors 'cause"modern standards" like the jokes I used in the Milf Series to reference the mother's heights.

While remaking Cheap Tricks season 1 and the flashbacks this adjusted scene will help me a lot to make new standards because, you know, from now on the girls are going to reach heights that only Debra and Vanessa reached before, and who knows what else can happen when I need to picture a giantess that, maybe grow beyond Vanessa's height?

For now, that I'm feeling better, I'll keep looking into my content library to get those fresh scenes to fill in the plot ideas I have - found plenty already :D (Big Grin) -  while drawing the rough lines to guide the plot of the new season, from now on, in an unified universe, with only a few new characters and a resolved character linking to try to be less complicated even when diving deeper in the plot.

Ah, here: Vanessa can't enter the house by the front door, so, here's how she enters home now.

Heights2 by bmtbguy  Heights3 by bmtbguy 
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Is cheap tricks gonna be updated with new chapters?

bmtbguy's avatar

After fixing the timeline we will have some flashback new chapters, some remake of the old chapters, some shorts with parallel and new chapters.

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wow vanessas butt is so huge and massive. I hope the 4th season is coming soon, and Lil Van is growing more again. but the other girls, especially Jessy and natalie are my second and third lovling characters of cheap tricks. :-)

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Unfortunately it is not coming soon... but we're working on it.

I miss cheap tricks :) but I'm sure setting up the next season takes time so no rush but I'm glad to be getting sneak peaks. It really puts lil vans height into perspective. I guess as the world grows the buildings clothes and furniture have to be adjusted for their massive heights
bmtbguy's avatar

Yes, this is a very important part of the new seasons.

For Domina's Valley it will be easier because many buildings are already 'taller', but for Gianness city this transitions will require more work.

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WOW, you're so amazing. Would be cool to see Van isolating in her house due to covid19, and see her struggle with room because she is ginormous :)

bmtbguy's avatar

Not at this house, lol.

On the new one, well, she cant stand... and I prefer to not address C-virus unless I find a light way to do it.

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Oh my, Van climbs that wall, huh?

I guess the house only kinda supports her now.

Hope they found a steady source of income, possibly from their daughters' project.

She's already at the size Tony would have had trouble supporting.

bmtbguy's avatar

All that will be issued in the plot revision.

Is it too soon to ask for a rough timeline of when u might start ur patreon?
I'm really looking forward to what you have planned in the future especially when you talk about other characters being bigger than van now!
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Cheap Tricks had a draft that has been thrown away, just like Domina's Valley, I was so tired last months that I found out I was writing garbage. Proof of that are the last chapters that I have rewritten a couple of times.

Sure, I'm keeping the foundation and the seeds I planted in the last chapters, but thinking of it with a fresh mind released me of some strings and allowed me to grow a ton of new ideas and even develop older ones, unfortunately most of it is still a mystery even to me: the universe unification, the Milf idea and the some matured characters I have in the story, both known and brand new, are creating a storm of ideas in my mind, some of them are decided but the main plot will flow through them, like a river. Unfortunately the terrain is not ready yet, so, no rain, no river, no rough timeline...

any renders of Tony and lil van having some fun with her new size ;)

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Renders? No. Essays? Yes. Kinda. Those are lost in the size check tests, sooner or later I will show some.

vanessa really growed much but i really thought she would be much taller than that house.

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The house is big :P

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Now imagine if they all get as large as Vanessa... and then you have to think how large Vanessa would be at that point lol. XD

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That's a challenge for the future ^^

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I am eagerly awaiting the day we shall see both Natalie and hopefully Melissa in equally huge splendour. With James and Paul equally as mindblown as Tony with regard to how massive their respective love interests become.

I am so excited for the next chapter of this.

I would absolutely pay for a short story of Van and Natalie before Natalie grew

Veio só olha o tamanho dessa bunda.

If it won't be the raw height alone it'll be the tits or hips that'll impede entry hahah

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