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Cheap Tricks

This is the cover of my first line of Comics, the beginning of the Giantess Dream.

The couple on the left is the beginning under the morning sky, where the dream is idealized, while on the right, the dream comes true when females become Giantesses.

This is the oldest comics, so, needs some rework on plot, hehe.
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If you so re work them, please please let Marina feed her greed with height drainage from others feeding her growth! haha

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Greed is a good concept, unfortunately it is being already used by another character...

I just want marina to drain them all lol

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Can't believe you are going back to rework the first set of chapters. I wanted to ask that for a while now but I thought it would be too much work for you. I am definitely setting up an account to pay for you. Even though Cheap Tricks is free lol.

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This is a long therm project, lets see how it develops.

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I can’t believe its been so long. Has it been 10 years?

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Yep ^^

A bit more to be fair, lol

Favorite character in cheap tricks?
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Either Phoebe or Jessica

I think Jessica's my favorite, although Phoebe is great too.

Right around 10 years I think

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